Trying Tyrone: Episode 4 – Hall Of Destiny

Posted on February 24 2018 , at 07:22 pm
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  • Tyrone start to tell us about his first real encounter with Brenda.

The Hall Way Tyrone

I was running late, I’m always running late.

My aunt was in town. She was my dad’s elder sister and we used to stay over at her house every summer. She and her husband had a big and beautiful vacation house in the Poconos, so every summer they would come get my siblings, myself and my other cousins to take us there. They would also hire maids and assistants to attend to our every need. Needless to say, they were stupid rich.

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My mom had always raised her brow at my aunt’s wealth but that was her business. When I heard she had come to Nigeria for vacation, I knew had to see her. Obviously, I was hoping she would give me money ‘for recharge card’ but also, I had bigger things in mind. Maybe I could get her to convince my dad to allow me to follow her back, maybe I could get her to adopt me, maybe I could get her to help my dad. So many maybes, too much hope.

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I dashed through my hostel calculating how much I would need for the Okada man that would take me to the bus stop. I didn’t want him to cheat me so I was already rehearsing my bargain speech in my head.

‘150 Ke! Oga na #50 naira. If you no gree, dey..”

That’s when I saw her. She was in front of Dunge’s room. I usually never pass that hallway. No one ever passes that hallway. Dunge’s hall was a sacred part of our hostel and no one goes there unless they’re called. Some guys claim that Dunge uses the destiny of the people that pass his hall for Yahoo Yahoo ritual. Crazy I know, but everyone believed it.

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If he wasn’t having a loud hostel party or entertaining his guys, Dunge’s hall and the rooms therein were usually empty. I was in a hurry so I figured I’d slide pass the forbidden hall as quickly as possible before my destiny was stolen. I figured wrong.

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