NETLists: 10 Classic Christmas Movies To Help Get Your Christmas Mood Started

Posted on December 21 2017 , at 04:40 pm
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With Christmas just a few days away, It seems that the Christmas season is yet to get into full swing. Asinnnnnn… it doesn’t yet feel very Christmas-y as so many people would have expected. However, we got you covered here with ten Christmas Classic movies we suggest can help you get into that Christmas mode…. Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!

  1. Home Alone tops this list for a number of reasons, apart from the fact that it is the oldest movie on this list, it is also an all time favoritie. This classic is about a sneaky boy who keeps getting left at home every Christmas after wishing the exact thing that happens the next morning. The movie has five different versions, running since 1990 till 2012. it is the perfect movie for the family, plus its super funny (with a tinge of DIYs).
  2. Batman Returns (1992)
    Directed by Tim Burton
    Shown: Michelle Pfeiffer (as Catwoman), Michael Keaton (as Batman)

    A lot of people will say, “how now?” to this but it is probably one of the best Christmas movies ever. Second on the list is “Batman Returns”, it was produced in 1992 and set in a Christmas-y Gotham city. Its key features were, throwing Christmas ornaments as weapons, plus that scene between batman and catwoman where she says “mistletoe can be deadly”. If you are not in for the mushiness that Christmas movies are known for, then this is the perfect movie for you.

  3.  The Family man is a purely Romantic Christmas movie. It was produced in 2000 but holds lessons about materialism. A young man is yanked out of his fast-paced bachelor lifestyle into what he initially considers a nightmare (a family) when he stops a robbery at a store on Christmas Night. He wakes up the next day to find out he is an alternate life where he is married to his high school sweetheart. He must now decide if he wants his old life back or to remain with the woman he loves.
  4.  The Santa Clause 2 is the 2nd movie amongst a trilogy that started in 1994 and ended in 2006, but was produced in 2002, it stars Tim Allen as Santa Clause and Scott Calvin. Scott Calvin  has been Santa Clause for eight years but is about to stop being Santa Clause by the next Christmas unless he is married before that time. He has only one month to do this but must also deal with the news that his son has landed on the naughty list.
  5.   Elf is predominantly a romantic comedy that is family friendly. It is perfect to watch over Christmas eve dinner or after with the entire family. It stars Will Ferrell who is Buddy in the movie. Buddy is carried off in Santa Clause’s Sack as a child to North Pole mistakenly but he starts to feel out of place as he grows older. They eventually locate his dad who is on the naughty list in New York and he is sent there to try and develop a relationship with his dad.
  6. When the naughtiest man in town is cast for the role of Santa at the mall, you have on your hands a BAD SANTA, however, Santa is about to learn how to be nice. However this Christmas movie is rated 16 and should in no situation be watched with people younger. It shows the power that Children wield on the emotions of adults around them. It contains perverted language, semi-nudity and sex. Clearly, Santa needs many years of therapy.
  7. Love actually stars Hugh Grant and Keira Knightley, it was released in 2003. there are two love actually movies but the focus is on Love actually (the first) that showcases nine intertwined lives. It contains temptation, secrets exposure, taken chances, and desires are revealed. Its a must watch for people who love romantic movies. It takes everything you know about Love and multiplies it by 2.
  8. This Christmas was released in 2007 and stars Loretta Devine, Idris Elba, and Chris Brown. Its centered on a family (the Whitfields and) all the drama that comes with them. It is a typical homecoming Christmas movie filled with Christmas cheer. It is funny and has amazing music from Christmas to boot. Secrets are being revealed, and their mother’s heart is about to be completely broken. It is the perfect movie to make this Christmas even more wonderful.
  9. Iron Man 3 is another odd appearance on a Christmas movie list but it is set in the Christmas season for a reason. According to Director “Shane Black”, the movie was set during Christmas as a way to unite all the characters together. Plus the fact that Tony Stark has to face his ghost of Christmas past absolutely make Iron Man 3 a Christmas movie. Iron man defends his country at all cost while trying to protect the one thing he cant live without- his girl.
  10. Why Him? is focused on a protective dad goes to see his Stanford University daughter during the Christmas Holidays but he’s instead faced with his worse nightmare (his daughter’s boyfriend). Despite the boyfriend being a millionaire, the dad still does not approve because of his tatoos and use of foul language and is about to propose to his daughter. It was released in 2016 and will help get you in a hopeful spirit for Christmas.

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