5 Dating Tips Ladies Must Consider Before Going On That Date

Posted on June 24 2019 , at 04:45 pm
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  • Go ahead and put these dating tips to good use.

Get in here ladies! Here are five important dating tips you must consider before going on that date.

1. Dress super nice

You know, you want to leave a lasting impression on that young man. Apply subtle make-up on your face. Less is more in this case as  you’re not attending a wedding ceremony. And smell nice! Oh yes, that will definitely be a self confidence booster while you’re on that date.

2. Make sure you have your vex money!

You don’t want to leave anything to chance as you go on that date. Your date could be the warmest just as he could be a jerk. And you want to be sure that you would not be at his mercy in any case he turns out to be the latter. Don’t expect the gentleman to pay for your transportation, except he insists. The vex money would cover for your transportation in case you need to hurry out of there!

3. Do not order what you can’t pay for

Be considerate with your order. Also, in case his ATM card declines or he decides to leave you high and dry out there, then you can easily pick the bill without being embarrassed.

4. Do not bring your friends

He didn’t invite your friends, he invited you. Don’t force him to accommodate your friends and family on the first date when he has not asked that you bring them. Stop it! It’s not nice.

5. Tell a friend or family where you are headed

Provide family or friends with the location information and every detail about the man you’re about to meet. This will ensure that they know your whereabouts in case the date goes awfully wrong and your safety becomes paramount.

There you have it, ladies. Now, go ahead and put these dating tips to good use. Good luck! *wink

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