#ThisIsNigeria: An Extensive Lyrical Breakdown Of Falz The Bahd Guy’s Buzzing Single

Posted on May 26 2018 , at 12:21 pm
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Nigerian rapper and musical activist Falz The Bahd Guy has set the internet abuzz with a new single and video titled ‘This Is Nigeria’ which is an adaptation of American rapper; Childish Gambino’s much talked about visual masterpiece dubbed ‘This Is America’.

Just like Gambino’s, Falz’s This Is Nigeria addresses core national issues ranging from; politics, religion, social vices and insecurity. In a bid to help you understand it better, here is a breakdown of some of the prime issues that the rapper highlighted on the song.

“This is Nigeria, just because I’m on TV now, person wey no get work is checking to see if my watch is original.”

This line speaks to the height of criticism that celebrities are subject to. Many times, fans who possess zero knowledge on fashion/style assume the role of a fashion police. Fans who have zero expertise on what it takes to make music are quick to call out a person’s song as wack. Many times, these fans who cannot afford any form of luxury would be the first to proclaim that an artiste is wearing fake jewellery and all of these is a result of the fact that celebrities are subject to public scrutiny because their lives are constantly put on display via Television etc.

“This is Nigeria, where that madam Philomina, money vanish for your office – 36 million you talk say na animal.”

Here, he addressed a JAMB official who goes by the name of Philomina Chieshe. She was arrested by the EFCC earlier this year (February) for allegedly mismanaging the sum of N36m that was placed under her custody by the government. When asked to give an account of the funds, she claimed the money was swallowed in her office by a snake.

“This is Nigeria, never end the recession oh, when looters and killers and stealers are still contesting election oh. Politician wey tiff some billion and billion e no dey go prison oh.”

With this line, the rapper weighs in on the unresolved age-long issue of corruption as perpetrated by the nation’s political elites.  In 2016, the Federal Government announced that the country was in recession and the effects could be seen in the hike of several commodities. Although it was later announced that the country is now out of recession, there hasn’t been any changes in the cost of living.

This line also addressed the circle of old-aged political elites re-contesting for office positions. It has now become as though power is being recycled amongst the same set of people who have been ruling since the first republic and through different military regimes and although many of these politicians have at different times been accused of looting, they never get to face the wrath of the law.

“Police station dey close by six, security reason oh”

This line sees him weighing in on the age-long conversation about the incompetence of the Nigerian police. The police over the years have been criticized as not being capable of protecting the lives and interest of the citizens. They cannot be relied on in distress, and it has been reported many times that an average Nigerian police officer would flee from a crime scene to avoid the responsibility of restoring order.

“This is Nigeria, praise and worship we singing now, pastor put his hands on the breast of his member, he’s pulling the demons out”. 

Falz with this line sees takes a swipe at the some of the ridiculous things that are done in the guise of spiritual/religious commands and doctrines. Over the years, there have been reported cases of sexual misconduct and abuse from the path of several religious leaders perpetrated on naive, ignorant and many times vulnerable followers This is a global epidemic but is highly prevalent in Nigeria.

“This is Nigeria, no electricity daily oh, your people are still working multiple jobs and dey talk say we lazy oh”

It is known that poor/ lack of electricity is one of the major challenges faced in the country and this particular failure on the path of the government continues to cause many start-ups and businesses to run at a ridiculously high expense. Unhappy Falz also took this opportunity to take a swipe at president Buhari who insinuated during the Commonwealth Business Forum earlier this year that Nigerian youths are lazy.

“This is Nigeria, there is plenty wahala sha, Fulani herdsmen still dey slaughter, carry people dey massacre”.

The past 365 days has seen the death of thousands of Nigerians over the evil schemes of terrorist herdsmen group from the Fulani tribe in northern Nigeria. Seventy-three civilians were reportedly murdered by the dreaded herdsmen in Benue state some two months ago and up to two thousand deaths were reported over the continuous clash between herdsmen and farmers across the country.

“Yahoo yahoo don tear everywhere now and we acting like its so cool. Casting the castigated just for trying to be noble”.

In present day Nigeria, cybercrime is the order of the day. Many young Nigerians have resorted to duping and stealing via social media and internet scams (referred locally as yahoo yahoo) as a means to get by and more harrowing is the fact that this epidemic is being glorified by the larger populace. To paint a picture of how glorified the crime has become, earlier this month, Nigeria fashion and media personality – Noble Igwe was castigated by a large number of Nigerians on social media for speaking up against the practice of cybercrime. This is what Falz referenced in the latter part of this line.

“This is Nigeria, look at my nation oh, SARS stop you for road, no explanation, you go talk am for station”

The discourse of police brutality is one that has been highly talked about in recent times. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad known popularly as SARS has been the highest perpetrators of this brutality. The commission which was set up to fight crime has now reduced to a brutal force with zero objectivity. There has been several reports of SARS officials harassing innocent civilians basing their reasons on trivial issues like; your hairstyle, holding an iPhone, sagging your pants and an array of inconsequential reasons. More ridiculous is the fact that many times, their actions are triggered by selfish reasons as criminals who make financial commitments are usually set free.

Falz and his father – Femi Falana

The song later closed sampling a speech by the revered legal practitioner and activist; Femi Falana (SAN) who happens to be Falz’s father. The speech sees him addressing the much talked about the bewildering case of expensive tuition fees imposed by church-owned higher institutions.

“For instance, there is no law that allows you to take money from the church, invest in business, and privatise it. It is only in Nigeria, where you can take money from the church – money contributed by poor congregation members, you go and set up a university that the members cannot send their children to. It is against the rule and law of God, it’s against our constitution”.

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