Seven Nollywood Celebrities Who Can Fit Into Popular Superhero Characters

Posted on January 17 2018 , at 11:30 am
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With all the buzz that has been going on about Funke Akindele and Genevieve Nnaji being in the ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ movie, it is clear that Nigerian fans really fancy the idea of Nollywood actors as heroes.

Therefore, this is a list that considers seven celebrities that could play heroes if we were in an alternate universe and Nigeria owned the Marvel/DC comic production studio.


  1. If Kenneth Okolie was in an alternate movie universe, he would play the role of Captain America as Steve Rogers. Before Steve Rogers is Captain America, he tries to enlist in the army to help in a war is turned down because of health and physical issues, he finds another way. He applies and is recruited into the Strategic Scientific Reserve as part of a “super-soldier” experiment under Erskine. After saving America from destruction by scientific weapons while endangering himself, he wakes up 70 years later. He would be in the place of Steve Rogers as he constantly steps in to save America countless of times. Except in his universe, he will be Captain Nigeria rocking the green and white colours of our country. Sadly, this is not the reality but we are just as glad to take in this piece of hotness.

2. Joseph Benjamin could easily be as humorous as Ryan Reynolds was when he played the scar-faced American superhero created by Marvel comics. After leaving his wife when he is diagnosed with cancer, Wilson who is soon to become Deadpool is approached by a recruiter who tells him about an experimental cancer cure. Wilson interested in reuniting with his wife agrees to be a subject but soon wakes up as a scarred-face Deadpool. He becomes a masked vigilante but soon as to fight his ‘creator’ to save his wife. He does this all the while saying funny witty comments. After killing his ‘creator’ though, he promises to be more heroic moving forward and reconciles with his wife.

3. Van Vicker is not only hot, he is also team light skinned and if you could only just imagine him with blue eyes and long blonde hair, then you have got yourself an African Aquaman, except, he will most probably be called ‘papiwater’ (lol). And in our alternate universe, Van Vicker will be using his superpowers to help the other members of the Justice League stop the world from being destroyed. We can definitely see Van Vicker living in a wrecked both under the sea with the ability to speak with other water creatures either telepathically or verbally.

4. Blossom Chukwujekwu would be our ‘Star-Lord’ if we had any control over space at all. He would be taking the place of Chris Pratt in the movie ‘Guardians of Galaxy’. He would be the son of a very powerful alien who can create an entire planet as an extension. Although before he finds out about who his real father is, he would be the son of another alien, Yondu who takes him in as a child. He would also be a master strategist and problem solver who is an expert in close-quarter combat, various human and alien firearms, and battle techniques. He would have extensive knowledge of various alien customs, societies, and cultures, and considerable knowledge about cosmic abstracts.

5. Tony Stark is an older superhero who has a lot of money and can create his own gear as well as the gear of other superheroes. He is the head of the Avengers, plus he is a playboy. If you cannot see veteran Nollywood actor Richard Mofe Damijo being Nigeria’s own Tony Stark and Iron Man, then you may want to consider checking your imagination. Not only will RMD look wonderful as a billionaire, he is ageing like fine wine so he may just fit in amazingly as a playboy. You can see him being a creator too, so in our own alternate superhero universe, RMD is our Iron Man.

6. Yeah, yeah, we know, but seriously though, isn’t the idea of EbukaUchendu as Superman glorious? He would be in one hell of a tight body suit, a really tight red panties and that beautiful cape. I can just see it in my mind, can’t you? He would be the strongest superhero yet, unable to die except if killed by a Kryptonite and most intriguing of all is that he would not be from earth. He would be a loyal boyfriend, amazing son and a very responsible superhero. So yes, in our own Nigerian movie industry alternate universe, Ebuka Uchendu is our very own Superman.

7. This was to easy to envision, I mean, Black Panther? come on! John Dumelo is not only tall and buff, he is also black, like the black panther, you get? Can you not just see John as the king of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, who gains enhanced strength by ingesting the Heart-Shaped Herb.


And there goes our list of seven Nollywood celebrities who could be Super Heroes if we were in our own Nollywood alternate universe. If you do not agree with all of our choices, feel free to comment on who you would rather change.

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