5 Artistes Who Should’ve Remained at The Top But… Didn’t

Posted on April 09 2018 , at 03:14 pm
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And it is written; Moses saw the promised land but never entered…

Well that’s probably not how it was written but the central idea is; there is a biblical backing to the fact that not everyone, no matter how gifted will get to the pinnacle of their journey.

Call them the Moses’ of Nigerian music, we have picked some of our favourite musicians who once visited the mountaintop (attained musical success) but somehow, lost grip. Most of them displayed very high promise but their seeming fall-off is a testament to the fact that talent is never enough and more often than not, great potential falls short of expectations.

May D

It’s Mr. May D! The sound of that was usually followed by a fire record.

Introduced to the mainstream in 2011 by defunct pop group; P Square, May D started his career from the top. With his chart-topping debut single “Soundtrack” and follow-up “Ile Ijo” as well as his Psquare featured “Chop My Money” which later got a remix with American international artist Akon, May D was off to a laudable start.

Although he parted ways with the Okoye brothers only 365 days after he was signed, the pop star continued to impress. “May D was here to stay”, so we thought until he slowly faded.

The reason for his fall-off remains to be seen but known is the fact that May D last released a hit record in 2014 which is exactly a year after his debut album “Chapter One”.

And oh yeah, May D didn’t stop releasing music he just sort of faded from the pop radar. Listen to his recently released single “Love Overdose” below.

Dammy Krane

There is no questioning about Dammy Krane’s talent. Krane came into the game and presented his unique style; a melodious rage. This infectious energy is scattered throughout his music.

Krane scored his first hit in 2012 with “My Dear” and went on to score his first classic “Amin” in 2014 which earned him unreserved honours. But six years after his big break, 26-year-old Dammy Krane can almost be left out of the list of D-List artistes.

He recently released a 14 track album; Leader Of the Streets which was an absolute dud and his unbreakable tie with controversy is how he manages to make it to the headlines.

Although still promising, the singer is definitely not where he should be.


Since the release of his breakout single “Won Gbo Mi”, Shaydee has experienced the highs of opening for former label mate Wizkid, voiced on several massive records including Ice Prince’s “I Swear” featuring French Montana, the singer has also embraced the lows of separating with the now extinct E.M.E music label that introduced him to the world.

Shaydee’s career properly validates the aforementioned quote; Talent is never enough.

Now under a new label and armed with the advantage of a fresh start, a time to implement solid tactics that will earn him the deserved attention of the world, Shaydee’s destiny is ultimately in his hands.

Sauce Kid

Previously regarded the cool kid of Nigerian music, rapper Sauce Kid also known as Sinzu was one of the pioneers of youth culture in the Nigerian rap scene. His 2006 track “Yebariba” housed in his debut mixtape‘Best of Both Worlds: Money Long” became a major hit and turned him into an authority in Nigerian music.

Sauce Kid had an enviable run but his reign was short-lived as a couple of years later, he became MIA. He has since been in and out of the prison in the U.S over an array of crimes including card theft.

Sauce Kid started out with the likes of D’Banj who has now become a demi-god of sorts. The rapper showed a lot of promise but painfully fell flat.

Sean Tizzle

It’s over five years since Sean Tizzle came to sight with his chart-topping single “Sho Lee” – it was a laid-back pop magic. Tizzle would later follow up with an array of massive hits including; Mama Eh, Kilogbe, Komole et cetera.

The singer however lost grip of his sparkle after splitting with long-time producer and partner; D’Tunes over several internal issues. The magic was lost and slowly, Tizzle fizzled out of the spotlight.

Although he continues to release new music, Sean Tizzle has fallen from the height wherein he previously operated.

Honourable mentions: Chidinma, Chuddy K

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