“You Have To Learn To Charge Accordingly” – ‘Cake Boss’, Buddy Valastro

Posted on September 11 2019 , at 03:23 pm
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Buddy Valastro, the self-proclaimed ‘Cake Boss’.

Bakers, get in here! Have you ever wondered what an advice from one of the best cake decorators and baker in the world may sound like? Well, wonder no more because this is what Buddy Valastro, the self-proclaimed ‘Cake Boss’ has to say.

After 10 seasons and 236 episodes on his ‘Cake Boss’ show, as well as a new series coming up ‘Bake you rich’, who else would be a better fit to give this type of advice than Buddy. He advises upcoming bakers and cake decorators to, “find that thing you love in life because if you go to work and you love what you do and you are passionate about what you do, you get a feeling of self-worth and I feel like that’s the only way that you are going to be able to grow.”

He says that this advice should be for everybody and not just bakers.


He then gave specific advice for bakers saying, “I think that what you have to be able to do is understand what you’re making, do it with your heart, never give up, I think you have to dream big. I also think you have to learn to charge accordingly because a lot of times, people want to make these extraordinary cakes and if you don’t make enough money, there’s no such thing as a starving artist. You have to be able to say if you want this cake to jump, spin and move, and it’s gonna take me X amount of time, you have to be compensated for it because if you are not, it’s never gonna work.”

He says the only time it makes sense to not be compensated for your work is if you are doing it to learn a new technique so you can be better at it or if it’s a huge marketing play for a magazine, or for publicity that will attract other business.

You can learn even more from the ‘Cake Boss’ on Buddy Valastro’s new 4-part series, ‘Bake It Rich’ starting Saturday, October 5 on TLC where he and his set of judges give 4 aspiring pastry chefs a chance to have their unique and delicious creations sold at his shop. They will be tested on the deliciousness of their food and their valuable business skills which will also be useful for other bakers.

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