The Year 2044: Did You Know That Nigerian Kids Are Ready?

Posted on August 30 2019 , at 05:06 pm
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If you thought the younger generation has stopped thinking about getting their voice heard, you are in for a shock. A little bird whispered to us 3 days ago that determined kids may just be planning a takeover!

Children learning to build products at the mPulse Planet

In fact, we heard that these kids are plotting to unseat the powers that be in the year 2044 and assume our Nation’s affairs! Don’t laugh because they are ready to take power! It’s ambitious but not unachievable. Besides, many of them will be in their 40s then.

So, we decided to get into the minds of these kids and see how they would go about this process:


  1. The FINE Party With The Strong Base: They would call it the “Fine Party”, of course. Their activities would be nationwide, yet with no posters on the streets. They are too tech-focused for all that paper and mess. These smart ones will be stealthy and will use social media to reach their constituency. We might be 25 years away but they are building the greatest (eco-friendly) coalition, duh!
  2. A Broad Thought PatternYou know what makes these kids’ ambition quite strategic and intriguing? The fact that they aren’t just thinking about the present! They are fully focused on the future, getting a firsthand glimpse into what the next 25 years would look like, and even trying out a few ideas of their own in the future universe. Imagine a leader who can already guess what the next world invention would be. We are definitely in for exciting times.
  3. Foreign Alliances: These children do not understand the limitations of space. They grew up where they could snapchat with their cousins in Canada whenever they felt like it.Connectivity is key to success in this century and the right network of people can help you achieve just about any goal, with ease. The ‘Fine National Party’ has at their disposal, a network of friends and alliances at the swipe of a finger.

4. Fun and Work: 

To improve their competence and preparedness for the journey ahead, kids in Nigeria are balancing work and fun just well.

It’s the summer holidays right now and children have been having intense fun. Over 5,000 kids zipped through the expansive hall of the Landmark Event centre last Friday, August 23rd, 2019, at the mPulse Planet – the biggest summer event of the year.  MTN Nigeria supported by Access Bank Plc, took them on this futuristic journey.

At the Planet, kids weren’t just doodling and laughing, they were making critical life choices at the same time. Whether they were learning how to design AR games, building a driverless car, or just simply improving their gaming skills, they were surrounded by the future and what it could mean for them. In other words, their minds were being expanded.

At the mPulse planet, MTN Nigeria’s teen and tween proposition enabled children to build on their imagination and put it to great use by teleporting them into 25 years from now – 2044. See, a perfect time for fun, play and plotting a takeover. 

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