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'Better Us Than Some Maniac'- Couple Who Regularly Raped Their 12-Year-Old Daughter
American Media Personalities, Christine Teigen, Kristen Bell And Michael Schur Offer To Pay NDA Fine For American Olympic Gymnast If She Speaks Up About Her Sexual Abuse Ordeal
US Olympic Gymnast, Simone Biles Reveals She Was Also Sexually Abused By Her Team Doctor
89th Posthumous Birthday: 5 Most Iconic Martin Luther King Magazine Covers
This Ghanaian Village Is Banning Girls On Their Period From Their Only Means Of Getting To School
After Years Of Forcing Victims To Marry Their Rapists, Somaliland Passes Its First Law Against Rape
Naija To The World: Funke Akindele To Feature In Forthcoming Superhero Movie 'Avengers: Infinity War'
Did President Donald Trump Forget The American National Anthem?
Here’s Why The Obamas May Not Be Invited To Prince Harry’s Wedding
Saudi Arabian Women To Attend Football Matches For The First Time On Friday
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