Where Is Nollywood’s Former Lover Boy, Tony Umez

Posted on February 12 2020 , at 08:24 pm
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Tony Umez first started acting in 1993 but after appearing in some movies without pay, he decided to take a break for a while. He returned to acting in 1997 and appeared in “The Princess”. However, he only became very popular after his lead role in Kenneth Nnebue’s 1998 movie, “Died Wretched”.

The actor who was famous for playing the lead actor in romance movies with the ability to cry on demand has featured in over 200 movies. His numerous romantic roles where he played the lead male earned him the title, ‘lover boy’. 

Tony Umez stayed as a household name in Nollywood for many years until his influence and appearance slowly began to dwindle. In 2013, he came under fire for featuring in Dami Joe Efe Young’s “Room 027”. The fans called the movie soft porn and some media houses said he had only featured in the movie because he was broke.

After that movie, he seemed to disappear from the limelight but Tony Umez has maintained that he never stopped acting. He just appeared in fewer movies and people assumed that he had stopped acting. In 2015, in an interview with Vanguard, he said, “The industry is evolving and younger actors are springing up every day. But that doesn’t mean, I haven’t done some jobs in recent times. It’s just that I haven’t been as prolific as I used to be in the past. I have been involved in other projects”. In 2016, he appeared as a part of the cast in Frank Rajah’s TV series, “Delilah”. He also acted in two movies in 2017, Morris Sesay’s “16th Anniversary” and Desmond Elliot’s “Perfect Strangers”. 

NET spoke with Tony Umez and he told us that he never left the industry, he’s just not been as active as he used to be. He said, “I still act. I did some jobs/movies last year and some jobs are pending for this year, 2020. The producers are looking at late February, early March.”

When we asked him if he’s started other businesses, he told us, “I am trying to make good with LONGRICH. Registered last year. So far, so good.” He rounded up the short chat by telling us what to expect from him saying, “The movies I did last year should be out this year. When? Well, that depends on the producers.”

If you are a true fan of Nollywood’s ‘lover boy’, you may not have to wait for him to stage a comeback since according to him, he has always been around. Hopefully, we will get to see him in more movies this year!

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