Weird facts about Mayweather and McGregor before the Money Fight

Posted on August 27 2017 , at 12:15 am
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  • Something for the laughs before the fight goes down.

Mayweather and McGregor

The ‘money fight’ between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is no doubt one of the most anticipated event in the world right now.


With both men roaring of assured victory, fans have since been making their sentiments known with different facts.


Before the big fight kicks off at 4am local time, here are some weird/funny facts about the money makers.



To prepare for a UFC fight, the Irish man once moved his whole team to a plush mansion.

McGregor once pulled out of Van Diesel’s ‘xXx’ sequel after reaching a concrete agreement.

McGregor is a trained plumber.

Erin, McGregor’s sister is a body building trainer

He has a passport for his shoes just to evade the restrictions placed on some materials by some countries.

Likes having as much sex as possible before any fight.

McGregor once earned £425,000 pounds per-second in his fight against Jose Aldo. He went on to win the fight after 13 seconds.

Had football as his favourite and dream career as a kid.

He became a fighter to escape bullies.

McGregor once shed 30lbs in one week just to be fit for a 145lbs fight category.

Won his UFC debut fight in 2013 within 67 seconds

HE was once a young boxing champion but switched to MMA after winning boxing youth championship.


McGregor is a vocal same-sex marriage supporter.

He carries his grandfather’s hat in his bag just to remember his roots.

He supports Manchester United Football club.


Floyd Mayweather

His birth name is Floyd Joy Sinclair


He once fired his father as his trainer but rehired him two years later


Last tasted defeat in 1996 when he lost to Bulgarian Serafim Todorov at the Olympics.

He has once played himself in a comedy movie role titled ‘Think Like a Man Too’.

He was Justin Bieber’s boxing trainer.

Mayweather once retired from boxing in 2007 but came back in 2009. He retired again in 2015 after Manny Pacquiao’s fight.

He ranked as the highest paid athlete since 2014.

Lover of dance but was eliminated from ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ competition due to an unimpressive performance.

Floyd uses underwear indiscriminately. He is said to avoid using same underwear twice.

He once fought in the WWE.

Mayweather has been charged severally with domestic violence.

Likes betting on sports events.

Floyd ‘money’ Mayweather Junior had a very rough beginning as a young man.

Flies both of his bodyguards separately to avoid overweight.



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