Voices In My Head: Some Shoulders Were Made To Carry Heavy Burdens

Posted on May 27 2019 , at 04:36 pm
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Some shoulder were made to carry heavy burdens

There are special kind of humans on this earth who were chosen to play a unique role in the lives of others. Most times these people do not even have their own lives figured out yet or even close to where they want to be, but they carry everyone else’s burdens as if it were their own.

The frustrating part is that they can’t even run away from that responsibility because they’ll always be dragged into it. They are the givers who do not receive anything in return. They give all the love, all the encouragements, all their time and all the money.

They’re always the first to be called when there’s an issue in the family. Their house is where everyone goes to when they need a place to stay, food to eat and a shoulder to lean on. They are the ones that everybody calls when they need money, when their child is sick, when prayers are needed and when there is grief.

Although the burden is heavy, they feel better carrying it, knowing fully well that they will feel worse if they don’t. In fact, these people often ask ‘why me?’ But that question rarely takes the struggles away.

It is what it is — they’ve been handed the shoulder that carry heavy burdens and it still doesn’t make it easy because the shoulder is not made out of titanium. It hurts when it’s pushed to the breaking point, and that happens every time.

But to those looking at these special people from afar, their strength always seem poetic. How they carry everybody and not crash from the weight gives them some semblance of superhuman. That’s why people misunderstand them when they say no, because they believe there’s no way they can’t help.

They are often seen as burden bearers, people with all the answers and resources, and the ability to take care of everyone. There are some people who unfortunately received this gift and it frustrates them all the time because it seems unfair, especially when they’re forced to carry the burden of ungrateful people.

But in the end, again, it is what it is: Some shoulders were made to carry heavy burden. It is your glory, it is your pain.

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