Here Are All The Upcoming Nigerian Public Holidays For The Rest Of The Year

Posted on May 28 2019 , at 01:03 pm
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One of the best ways to make a worker in Nigeria extremely happy is to give them a day off that does not reflect in any way on their leave days. Well, Nigerians can get excited as there are at least 6 more public holidays until the end of the year.

The holiday fest begins tomorrow with May 29 being ear-marked as the Presidential Inauguration Day. While there is to be not too much pomp and pageantry for the event, Nigerian workers can at least celebrate this inauguration by getting the day off.

We have our Muslim brethren to thank for the next holiday on June 5 as it is a day that has been set aside to celebrate the end of their fasting. Eid-al-Fitr has been set aside as a public holiday to celebrate the end of the Ramadan period.

Last year, the office of President Buhari declared that Democracy day had now been shifted from May 29 to June 12 to celebrate the day that Chief MKO Abiola won the elections in 1993. The Democracy Day and the unofficial celebration of the inauguration will take place on that day. This according to the Minister of Information was set up like this to avoid unnecessary spending of funds that the country can not afford.

The next public holiday is also an Islam holiday celebration for Eid El Kabir. It is usually the biggest Muslim celebration in Nigeria and is holding August 12 on a Monday.

The Independence day celebration comes next on October 1st. The Tuesday as of course been set aside to celebrate the day that Nigeria gained its independence from Great Britain. This year is to be our 59th year of Independence and workers once again get a day off to celebrate.

The last set of Public Holidays come in a twin package as the 25th and 26th of December. This time around we can thank our Christian brethren for this holiday. Christmas is the biggest Christian holiday celebrated not only in Nigeria but all over the world. It is usually followed by Boxing day on the 26th as a day set aside to open gifts given during the Christmas day.

At least with all these holidays coming up, even if you absolutely hate your job, you can now have something to look forward to. On the other hand, if you absolutely love your job, you know that you can look forward to guilt-free rest days. Now, you can’t get to say we never did anything for you. You are welcome.


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