Trying Tyrone: Episode 9 – Wake Up To Ocean

Posted on April 17 2018 , at 06:12 pm
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My favourite song at the moment was Frank Ocean’s Moon River. It’s a short song with two verse which Ocean repeats. For whatever reason, there is one line from Moon River that kept coming to my mind and it was this one:

‘Oh, dream maker, you heartbreaker
Wherever you’re goin’, I’m goin’ your way’

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I thought I was humming it in my head but then I heard my voice. It was out of my head. I could feel my vocal chords reaching and saliva from my mouth bouncing. Immediately I caught and cautioned myself. If you’ve ever heard my voice, you’d know why. I tried opening my eyes but they felt heavy and sore. Simply trying to open wasn’t working so I decided to take my time. Slowly open. Nothing. I tried again and I only caught a glimpse of light and a familiar face.

It was my mom.

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‘Oko mi!’ she shouted! I could tell from the way her voice sounded that she had been crying and from the little I could make out from her face, she looked like she needed a good night’s sleep.

‘Don’t try to open it too much, let it heal joor. I am so sorry Ty. This is my fault. We tried our best to keep you guys in the states but…’

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Her voice started to trail off. She had been fighting back the tears but the emotions were winning. I wanted to comfort her and tell her everything will be alright. I wanted to give her a hug and tell her I loved her. I wanted to tell her that Nigeria wasn’t all that bad…well it was but she shouldn’t blame herself still. I wanted to tell her all these things but most importantly, I wanted to find out what she knew or what she had been told.

Funny enough, I wasn’t concerned with my face. I guess I must have figured out that since I was alive, whatever bruise or injury I had sustained would be alright. They would heal and I would be fine.

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Someone walked in.

‘Is he awake? Is he up now?’

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‘Yes o, my dear. He has woken up. Ty, this young lady has been helping me take care of you since the whole incident. She’s such a good friend.’

‘Who is it ma?’, I asked, knowing well it was who I thought it was.

‘Its me Ty, its Brenda’.

I started screaming.

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