Trying Tyrone: Episode 8 – Love Me Lights Out

Posted on March 24 2018 , at 07:04 pm
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My dad always had a problem with drama queens and overly emotional people, which is why I never understood how he ended up marrying and staying with my mother for over two decades. I didn’t before, but I guess I do now.

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I would hesitate to categorize what Brenda and I had as love, but dismissing it as lust or infatuation doesn’t seem to do it justice. Whatever it is, whatever it was, it wasn’t what I would normally sign up for and it always ended up causing me harm or getting me in trouble.

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Let’s use the whole Easter break fiasco as an example. I had seen Brenda just the day before during one of our sessions and we had joked about what  I would look like if I was a gangster. It was a moment of self-deprecation but it was all in good fun and I was fine with it.

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We laughed. We did our business. We said goodbye. Easy, simple, no drama right? Wrong.

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Apparently, our little playtime together had inspired my dearest Brenda to break up with her thug beau. Ordinarily, this shouldn’t be a big deal except for the fact that for some reason, she found it necessary to drop my name for our school’s number one bad boy without letting me know.

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So there I was in my hostel, shaking with every drama free bone that I had inherited from my father, wondering how I had managed to get hooked by such an implicating being like Brenda.

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There was only one thought running through my head: ‘What were they going do to me?’.

There were countless tales of what Dunge and his gang do to their victims but as far as I know, all of them are rumours. I had never met any of Dunge’s victims that actually shared the tale of what happened to them and that definitely was not a good thing. How did Brenda even end up with this guy sef?

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‘You no fit talk! you think I come play with you for here? Wasiu, fun leshe kan!’

That was all I remembered before lights out.

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