Trying Tyrone: Episode 7 – Betting With Gangsters

Posted on March 17 2018 , at 08:44 pm
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We never did learn our lesson. I mean, I did but Brenda’s own was always different.

After that near death experience with Dunge, one would think Brenda would want us to break things off or at the very least, be more cautious. If you are that sensible one, then you definitely thought wrongly. She started calling me during the day to meet her in shady places. The fear of getting caught wasn’t a fear for her at all. It was a thrill, a risky high.

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Her escapades with me weren’t the only thing that got Brenda’s adrenaline pumping. Brenda was also into gambling. In fact, I feel like simply calling Brenda’s gambling addiction something that she was into is an insult to the severity of the situation.

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Sports betting, as far as I knew, was something that boys do but when you are the main chick of the biggest boy on campus, you pick up an habit or two. Given the fact that all we were was shag buddies, It took a while before I found out.

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‘You bet?’

‘You are going through my phone because…’

‘A notification came through. You didn’t answer my question’

‘What do you think genius? You saw a notification on my phone…’

‘It could be for your boyfriend…I hope you’re sha not going overboard with it…are you?’

‘Are we going to do this or are you going to preach to me …’

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I obviously knew the answers to all the questions I asked. I had just hoped somehow I was wrong about them or at the very least, the last one. Things started to spiral quickly after that session. We were about to go home for Easter break when I heard a knock on the door of my hostel room.

I was packing so my roommate had gone to open the door. I was expecting it to be one of our friends who was headed to the bus park and was dropping by to say bye or something. It wasn’t what I expected.

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‘Which of una be Tyrone’ said a husky deep voice that seemed to shake the entire hostel.

The voice was overly mature and sounded threatening. My heart and stomach had exchanged positions yet again. It couldn’t be who I thought it was, could it?

‘Na him be that’…my roommate said pointing at me.

‘Ehn ehn. So na you Brenda wan leave Dunge for?’.

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