Trying Tyrone: Episode 6 – Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Posted on March 10 2018 , at 10:58 am
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  • Brenda and Tyrone continue their rough play.

It was supposed to only be an affair. She had a boyfriend she loved but she was still shagging me on the side. We had fun but when the fun was over, we were supposed to be over but who really has control over these things?

I sure didn’t.

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Now more than ever, I keep trying to go back to that moment when I realized that I had fallen for her. Its quite obvious I’ve always liked her but after a while, it became more than that. Our sessions were becoming longer and more intense and we had started to create excuses to see each other in places that were not dimly lit with our clothes on.

‘Let’s go see a movie’

‘I’m sorry what?’

‘A movie. That thing that people pay money to watch in malls, do they have those where you come from?’. She let out a little laugh, for her mind she had cracked joke like that.

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‘I know what a movie is Ma. I also know that I want to graduate from this school alive and breathing, not cut up in pieces or whatever your boyfriend does to his victims.’ My joke was actually funny but she didn’t laugh. She wore this misplaced look and started to get up from the bed.

‘I’m sorry na, it was just a joke’.

Silence. She started acting like she was looking for something important and couldn’t be bothered to talk to me again.

‘You know I’d love to take you to a movie but your boyfriend…’

‘Kills people. Its fine…’

‘I was kidding Bren.’

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‘Its fine. shut the door when you leave’.

We always had our sessions at Bren’s apartment because I lived in a hostel. Her apartment was the perfect place not only because it was away from the campus but because it was built in such a way that nobody knew anyone else’ business and I could ease in and out freely.

‘Nigerian or foreign?’

‘Both for being stupid’, she said with a smirk. She had won. She always wins.

‘You sha want me killed abi?’

‘If you die because of me, won’t it be worth it’. She kissed me again and cemented her victory. I was just about to start enjoying the new session of lip action when we heard someone knocking on the door. I could feel my heart in my stomach.

‘Who’s there?’ she shouted in a shaky voice.

‘Omalicha you don forget how your boo dey knock. Come open this door joor’.

I couldn’t feel my heart. I forgot what it was like to have a stomach.

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