Trying Tyrone: Episode 5 – A Serpent’s Kiss

Posted on March 03 2018 , at 03:38 pm
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  • Brenda and Tyrone have their first altercation.

There she was.

Crouched down in the middle of the forbidden hallway, crying. She was something of a celebrity so I definitely knew who she was but I didn’t believe it was her. It didn’t make sense. I mean it made sense that it was her, we were in her boyfriend’s forbidden hallway. It just didn’t make sense that she was crying.

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I wanted to dash by. My aunt wouldn’t be around forever and I really shouldn’t have been in that hallway. It was neither smart nor safe me to stay, or even care. But I did. Both.

And so it began. This vicious unrewarding cycle of me going out of my way to take a risk because of Brenda. That was the moment I fell into that particular rabbit hole, where I threw caution to the wind and for what really? Brenda’s wellbeing? I know better now.

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‘Are you alright?’


‘Hi, my name is Tyrone. You’re Brenda yeah?’

She looked up at me, absolutely stunned.

‘Did I ask you for your name? See me see gbege o!’


‘You what? you don see gist abi! You don take picture yeah? You go go gist your friends that you see Dunge’s babe dey cry?’

‘No, I..’

‘Fuck you! Make sure say I no jam you for outside cause my guys go mess you up, you no..’

‘Calm the fuck down!’

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I heard myself say it before I knew I had said it. I never yell, ever. But she was starting to irritate me by putting words in my mouth. There’s nothing I hate more than that.

‘First of all, no one cares about you that much to take a picture of you crying. Secondly, I just wanted to make sure you’re alright, some of us are just nice people. Its whatever, I’ll be on my way’.


She shot me a look.

I looked away.

She stood up.

I started to walk away.

‘Thank you’, she said.

I turned back.

She kissed me.

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