Why Toni Tones is Being Touted As The Next Nollywood Superstar

Posted on November 05 2018 , at 05:08 pm
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Time and time again, a new star is born in Nollywood. And while it may have been a minute since Nollywood had a breakout star from its Box Office (names like Bimbo Ademoye, Ade Laoye and more have been more consistent on the small screen), it does seem like the big screen may just have birthed some new talent.

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One of those just might be Toni Tones in her latest role as Eniola Salami.
In what has been quite the dry year for Nollywood on the big screen, Kemi Adetiba’s ‘King of Boys’ seems to be the fresh water in a desert.

Standing out as the most talked about film (the film’s release was preceded
by much anticipation from fans especially on social media) so far in the
year 2018, it is not a surprise that fans and critics alike watched with bated
breaths, performances of its cast.

And standing out with their performances in the film were the likes of
Reminisce, Sola Sobowale and Toni Tones.
Taking on the role of a much younger Eniola Salami, Toni Tones found
herself playing a much younger version of screen legend, Sola Sobowale.
Now, as a lover/watcher or anyone who pays any attention whatsoever to
Nollywood, you must know, stepping in the shoes of a younger Sola
Sobowale cannot be an easy task.

With Toni Tones being a dark-skinned Actress, it already seems as though
she is not the right fit. However, her performance blows your mind away and leaves you excusing skin colour. Especially since Director Kemi Adetiba herself leaves it in the mouth of a character that Eniola Salami ‘has bleached’.

In a year where she took on the role of ‘Becky’ in popular Africa Magic
telenovela, Forbidden, Toni Tones has had an impressive 2018. Through
her performance as the annoying but extremely ambitious Becky, it was
obvious Toni Tones is one who brings her A-game on screen. If you guessed that she took her A-game on to King of Boys, then you guessed right.

In Nollywood, the big screen is never enough for you to prove yourself. In
what is a vast country but with (still) too little cinemas across the Country,
the average Nollywood Actor has to prove himself/herself on the big screen
and small screen all the time. Toni Tones not only know this, but she is also working hard to ensure she has both medium working for her.

Would Toni Tones be one of your favourite performances in King of Boys?
Maybe. Would she be remembered after the movie is over? Most definitely.

Would you remember her face and performances she has put up this year
alone? Most likely. Honestly, at this point in her career, that’s what is truly important. It is what has skyrocketed many to superstardom in Nollywood, anyway.

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