#ThisIsNigeria: All The Juicy Facts You Need To Know About Falz’s Internet Breaking Video

Posted on June 10 2018 , at 08:23 am
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One week after, #ThisIsNigeria has made almost a billion impressions and has been talked about in over 40 countries, sounds like a big f*cking deal, that’s why we have taken the time out to crunch all the relevant numbers for you.

We know that some people will not be interested in the general statistics, so we picked out some sensational information just for you, yes you 😍. However, those who want the whole pie can get it here.

Now that all that’s settled, we can start the show.

So Falz dropped #thisisNigeria on 25/05/2018, exactly 20 days after Childish Gambino dropped #thisisAmerica and the response has been WILD. I’m sure even Falz didn’t know how far the cover was gonna go.

When Diddy posted some part of the visual on his page, Falz went mental.



Wawu. Diddy posted on the gram. Blown 😩

There were two other relevant covers and trust me #thisisNigeria knocked them out and rose to number one in just one week. Meanwhile these agbayas; #thisisCanada and #thisisJamaica were released respectively 3 and 2 weeks ago and their numbers are still crawling. Not only this, #thisisNigeria STAYED on the number 1 spot on Youtube for 6 full days after it’s release.

Although close to 3000 independent influencers discussed #thisisNigeria on Social, the users with the most ‘Klout’ have a combined following of over 6,000,000 users, that is A LOT of people, and this is just on digital.

Falz created #thisisNigeria to create a “heightened level of social consciousness and political awareness”, with over 6,000,000 people he could probably topple the government if he wanted.

Men seemed to have a lot more to say on #thisisNigeria than the ladies. I mean, we already know that men are the OGs (original gossips), but could there be other theories we haven’t explored?

Upon further investigations, data revealed that Android users also seemed to be the biggest noisemakers to jump on #thisisNigeria.





Every statistical data has a deeper meaning and there is a reason certain similarities exist between or among certain analytical results. Knowing this, we wondered why there seemed to be a striking similarity between phone brand and the gender’s behavioural pattern as regards #thisisNigeria, so we dug deeper and found a research in Cyberpsychology and Social Networking which revealed that “…iPhone owners are more likely to be female, younger….”

So we know the iPhone and female users are mostly the same people. I mean I saw women tweeting, but then numbers don’t lie, so this is very wild. The results basically said that women don’t care about #thisisNigeria or what it stood for, or maybe they did internally but just didn’t bother talking about it?

Anyway, moving on.

On a surface level though, it seemed as if the reactions to #thisisNigeria were majorly positive right?

Well, think again.


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