The many power suits of Donald Trump

Posted on November 08 2016 , at 06:18 pm
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  • Trump has proven that he is also a fashion icon.

Donald Trump is running for president of the United States

U.S. presidential candidate, Donald Trump has proven to us that he can be a politician – to the joy of many and chagrin of just as many – and equally a fashion icon.

Check out some of Donald Trump’s power suits.


1. When he looked like the sexiest man alive

Buff Trump


2. That time he needed to fix his tie

That’s how I roll


3. That time he had to shake his opposition, Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


4. When he was taking a walk from back in the day

A young Trump


5. When we finally saw a touch of yellow and not red

Pointing to his desire


6. Oh! And this time he had a different look

Trump in trench coat


7. Then he rocked a blue tie

Which gets a thumbs up


8. … and then a purple

And it was a nice touch


9. That time he felt the world was beneath him

Donald Trump looking down on this minion world
Portrait of Donald Trump


10. When he had a huge smile on his face

Trump with two of his kids

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