The Lagos Logs: Tales of Former Fufus

Posted on February 12 2018 , at 11:45 am
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  • Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Danfo buses would soon be a thing of the past

You guys did not try at all! And you know how hard this Lagos can be.

In the last episode, I  told y’all that my data is about to finish and I didn’t get one simple message. Not even #100! Change your ways, my people, the end is near!

I wore my late Grandpa’s shirt out yesterday. It was not for any nostalgic reasons, it was just because the shirt was ironed and I was too lazy to start looking for a shirt to iron again. I also wore a chain yesterday in honour of my brother’s birthday because he loves wearing chains.

Tributes aside, yesterday was just somehow. First I left an unspeakable amount of change with the conductor (me that I don’t have money to subscribe for myself). Then one of my coworkers, whose social media account I found and followed through my Sherlock Holmish detective skills, casted me.

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“Which one of you in this office is bearing Baba Crown?”….”Ehn Ehn, it’s like I’ll start using my block option”.

When You Start Thinking of Fufu from the past…

I forgot my lunch in the kitchen at home if I had bought lunch I wouldn’t have had transport fare to go home because of the money I left with the conductor. So I ended up buying one roasted corn and cooked corn and calling upon the spirits of the Fufu I ate a few days back to come and fill me.

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I’m hoping that my week is a whole lot better than my weekend. Wishing you all an enchanted week ahead.

From The Lagos Side,

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