These Songs Are Perfect To Get You Through The Rainy Season

Posted on June 25 2019 , at 05:53 pm
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  • For those of us without baes, please let's tuck ourselves in bed, drink hot tea, hug our pillows, listen to these songs and cry...

Rainy Season in Nigeria.

We’re already right in the middle of the rainy season and we’re having to deal with extreme cold. For Lagos residents, it does not help that the rains cause even more annoying traffic – no thanks to the deplorable state of our roads – and we just want it to end already!

This is, notwithstanding, a season for lovers to bond and exchange body warmth.

Here are some lovely Naija tunes to get the lucky people in relationships/marriages through this rainy season:

Flavour – Oyi

This slow, romantic number by Flavour is a perfect mood setter.

Davido – Ekuro

When Davido screams “Ekuro la la baku ewa, b’ojo ro, b’orun ran”,  take that as a cue to shake body with your significant other while the sky rumbles in excitement.

2baba – Dance In The Rain

You know, when legendary 2baba’s vocal chords hit, you just want to run under the rain with the love of your life (LOYL) while holding hands. And yeah, sharing kisses too…

2baba – Raindrops

Ahhhhh, 2baba has a message and a warning to you here (who’s in the best position to do so if not him). And that valuable warning is: ‘Be careful what you do with your ‘device’ in this cold, rainy season. So you don’t have raindrops falling from your eyes’… you know the rest.

Okay, those are the songs you should keep in your rotation this season. For those of us without baes, please let’s tuck ourselves in bed, drink hot tea, hug our pillows, listen to these songs and cry…

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