‘Small Girl With A Big God’ – The Humblebrag Way Nigerian Women Flaunt Their Luxurious Lifestyles

Posted on July 10 2018 , at 05:24 pm
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You see them everywhere, they are on Twitter, they flaunt on Facebook, slay on Instagram, they are the ones other young girls look up to and wonder if they have a grudge to settle with the ‘Most High’. They have a very ‘big’ God and he is always by their side, making sure the ‘works of their hands’ prosper.


Daily, Nigerian girls are constantly tensioned by the show of luxury and affluence being exhibited by their peers. It has become worrisome because what is never out there is the actual legal work that these ladies engage that adds up to the lavish lifestyle that they showcase for all to see.

Let’s paint a scenario! Among a clique of girls, there is that one who makes use of the trendy and expensive gadgets hangs out at fanciest restaurants, gets invited to the biggest parties and travels on holidays to exotic destinations. All these are done without no known source of income, but its happening, she is definitely balling!

The usual curiosity steps in as her friends keep wondering whats going on. But miss Slay Queen has no explanation to give so she settles for saying its God. Of course, there are also hardworking women in Nigeria who are successful at the jobs and career paths and those are not the ones this article is referring to.

As we all know, Nigerians are very religious and almost anyone can get away with making logical explanations as long as you attribute it to something miraculous. If only women know what most of what these girls do, maybe the lifestyles of these slay queens wouldn’t be that attractive right? Most of these females, even some of your favourite celebrities are not left out in this web of deception.

We have also seen and heard of some of the horrid things and dangerous lengths most of them go to live above means. Discussing this trend with a student of one of the private universities, she says, ‘There are many girls in my school who are involved in some many disgusting things that when you get to find out, their worth just falls from 100 to 0, but all over their gram, they keep attributing their material things to God ‘.

So when next you see that friend of yours with a questionable affluence quoting ‘Small Girl, Big God’, it’s not a time to feel bad about your life, look closely and you may find out that some of them indulge in the following activities:


Though prostitution is not legal in Nigeria and morally frowned upon, there are a lot of Nigerian girls currently indulging in various degrees of prostitution. Many are signed up to various online dating platforms where they engage and solicit payment for sex while the daring ones hang out at various hotspots in major cities in Nigeria where they hook up with potential customers. Some even take it a level higher by going international or engage in bestiality which appears to be more lucrative. Most end up becoming sick and dying from different sexually infectious diseases which make one wonder if all the money is worth it after all.

Internet Fraud

Don’t ever get it twisted that only Nigerian men are engaged in Cybercrime. Lots of Nigerian women are actually engaged in internet frauds, especially dating scams where they easy prey and convince willing men to send them money in the guise of being in a romantic relationship with them. Those who lack the intellectual capacity for scamming opt for less tasking roles like bank pickups,  under the supervisions of a male partner/boyfriend. Last year, two Nigerian Ladies Grace Akintaro and Victoria Nwogu were arrested for scamming men of N47m in the UK.

Human Trafficking

This one is on another level. It is on record that most of those who have been apprehended for human trafficking cases have been women, mainly older ladies. These women either abduct their victims forcefully or lure vulnerable girls and children with the promise of a better life and fortune. This usually never happens and most of their victims die in the process or never get to see their families again. Recently, a London-based Nigerian nurse named Josephine Iyamu was convicted and sentenced to 14 years jailed for trafficking Nigerian women into Germany to work as prostitutes after subjecting them to “voodoo” rituals. It was revealed that she was going to run for political position before the bubble burst.

Mrs Josephine Iyamu

So to the ladies out there,  never feel pressured about what you see your fellow woman flaunting because you may never know the source and now that you know some of the things they do, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to indulge. If you are, then that’s fine because you know know what you are up against and learn to live your truth.

And those who belong to the ‘small girl, big God’ gang, if whatever you are doing is legal, please you should be able to inspire young women looking up to you with your success stories and the process so they can learn. A story that simply says ‘God did it’ is no longer viable. While we are aware that faith works, the bible equally says in the book of James 2:10  ‘But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?’ Sister abeg tell us wetin you dey do to make this money!


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