Research Shows You Are Bound To Cry If You Watch Miracle In Cell No. 7

Posted on April 01 2020 , at 03:12 pm
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The internet has been buzzing about the Korean/Filipino/Turkish movie Miracle in Cell No. 7. Whilst many lauded the acting and story, others said it was highly emotional and got them in their feelings.

We wanted to know just how many people the movie had made to cry so we asked our Instagram followers. Unsurprisingly, many of them claimed that they had either cried or fought really hard to make sure they didn’t. We received 404 comments. Some people claimed they didn’t cry while others simply appreciated the movie.

84% of respondents, which is about 339 people, said they cried. Many said they cried in stages as they watched the film. The movie is about a mentally-challenged man, ‘Lito’ who is falsely accused of the murder of the child of a powerful man. It follows Lito’s time in prison, the struggles to see his daughter, his execution and post-mortem acquittal.

This is a warning to people who are yet to watch the movie. Beware, there will be a lot of tears. Also, if you have watched the film, tell us what you think about it and if you cried in the comment section below.

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