At 51, Will Smith is the World’s Favorite Social Media Star, Here’s How He Got His Mojo Back

Posted on January 22 2020 , at 08:23 pm
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At 51, when the social media age is dominated by the young generation, Will Smith has managed to stay relevant with his heavy presence on social media, especially Instagram. He has boldly and purposefully updated his bio on Instagram, calling it his new playground. By doing this, the actor and former rapper has found a way to navigate his way around into everyone’s heart.
Here’s how he used social media to let fans know he hasn’t lost his mojo.

As a very creative person, one way I would state he achieved this is with the aid of his forward-thinking creative team. Will has a fire creative team who make things happen. I think the moment he let everyone know he never lost his mojo was when he returned with an action fare in ‘Suicide Squad’ in 2016.

Between 2018- 2019, he has been giving us back to back groundbreaking movies from ‘Aladdin’ ‘Gemini Man’, and the most recent one, ‘Bad Boys For Life’.

In his recent interview with Breakfast Club he told the hosts how he has been  able to stay relevant is by remaining true to who he is. He went on to say that no matter how people feel about their version of the Will Smith they want to see, he is just going to be who he wants to be.

He also says that all the social media paparazzi started by having the courage to just be himself. According to a recent post on his Instagram he says, “People ask me all the time what the key to success is and I always give the same answer: PARTNERSHIP. Find people who share your vision and your dreams and partner up. It’s HARD out there… following your dreams is a lonely pursuit. But it’s a whole lot less lonely when you got a partner with you for the ride.

“I’ve had a lot of success with partnerships in my life,” he adds.


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Part of the reason he has been able to capture the hearts of his followers on Instagram is because he talks about different inspirational things that provide value. Recently he also started his YouTube channel which gave him more avenue to reach out to a wider range of young people and express himself better. He is even getting better with the Tik Tok app which he also recently joined and has been using it to show his goofy side, he is even already verified.   

Will Smith may have also been inspired to be heavily invested in social media as his kids, Jaden and Willow, are popular figures on social platforms through their music and lifestyles. He wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith started a talk show which has featured all family members at some point.

In a time when many of his peers are deciding to stay under the radar and away from the pressures of social media, Will has chosen to follow the steps of likes of P Diddy and being that visible has helped his progress. His latest movie Bad Boys has benefited greatly from his social media presence, as he basically did his promotional snippets via his Instagram page.

There are so many lessons to take from the actor’s newfound approach to staying relevant and in the people’s consciousness.

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