See 12 Of Burna Boy’s Tattoos Perfectly Explained By Him

Posted on August 15 2019 , at 05:50 pm
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Burna Boy is known to have his skin fully decorated with tattoos but the tats all have significant meaning in the singer’s life.

Before we give you all the backstory on all his tattoos as he shared in an interview with GQ  Magazine, let’s share a fun fact about the ‘African Giant’; Burna Boy, real name Damini Ogulu, came up with his stage name because he always wanted to be a superhero. So, he wanted a coll name that sounded like he was a superhero like Spiderman or Superman.

Now that you have one more fairly useful Burna Boy information in your head, here’s the information about your fave you came here for. Burna Boy has a lot of tattoos but the most important thing to note is that each tattoo means something very dear to him.

We explain each of the singer’s 12 tattoos:

1. The Psalm:

Burna Boy has Psalm 38 tatted on his right arm and he explains that he got it at a dark time in his life. He said “The first one is a Psalm from the bible. I was just in a dark place and this was the Psalm that felt like I wrote it at that time.”

2. The Rock Star:

He has a tattoo on the back of his palm that spells ‘Rock star’ however you turn it around. He explained it saying, “This is the tattoo I got after my third American tour.”

3. God’s Love:

He has that tatted on his fingers and he explains that “it’s like the fuel of the earth.”

4.  A Brick Wall With Family:

He has a tattoo of a brick wall with what looks like graffiti of the word ‘family’ on it, along with the name of some of his family members scattered all over the walls.

5. A Shining Bleeding Heart:

He has a simple explanation for that tattoo and he says “Then this is like a bleeding heart but it still shines so it shows that even with all the…something might be shining but it still bleeds.”

6. Fela’s Face and a Nickname:

He has a tattoo of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti on his arm, along with a nickname the legendary Afrobeat singer and his grandfather Benson Idonije used to call each other. He says that “this is Fela Kuti, he is like my hero, he is like the best musician that ever lived”.

7. Pablo Plane:

Burna has an interesting reason for this tattoo saying, “It’s basically the fact that anything can get from anywhere to anybody, it’s intriguing”.

This very much explains how his music has successfully transcended borders.

8. His Debut Album:

He has the name of his debut album, LIFE, written on his skin. He says it reminds him that he is ‘Leaving an Impact For Eternity’.

9. National Coat of Arms:

Burna is the definition of a patriotic Nigerian with this tattoo. He also has the word ‘Omo Naija’ (Nigerian child) inscribed around it.

10. Gambo:

He has the name (or nickname) of his late best friend, Gambo inked on his abs.

11. Aristocrat Records:

He has the logo of Aristocrat Records on his arm and an inscription that means “best of my kind”.

12. Scarface 3:

This one appears to have deep connotation to the singer who says that only people who knew him in 2010 will understand it.

That is the end of our crash course: ‘Understanding Burna Boy 101’. We hope you learned something new about your favourite musician today. Tell us which of Burna Boy’s tattoo you love the most in the comment section below.

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