A Review Of “Moral Instruction”: The “Serious” Falz Needs Some More Work

Posted on January 17 2019 , at 09:00 pm
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A Review Of “Moral Instruction”: The “Serious” Falz Needs Some More Work
Hate it or love it, shame or not, Falz has been the best Nigerian rapper for at least the last three years. If you look past the humourous Yoruba accent, he has on a consistent basis dropped some very tight lines and showcased an effortless versatility that has stretched all the way into the French language. The major takeaway from 27, his last studio album was that he can be many other things apart from a “hip hop Yoruba boy”.The Fela samples on the Moral Instruction tracklist right after the buzzing pre-album single, Talk suggested this album was going to be on the socio-conscious path and it turned out so.

Falz gets a thumbs up for his excellent narrative skills and cognizant effort to pass messages through his songs but that is really just as far as it goes.

Some unnecessary Fela comparisons were started online after Talk dropped and with the omniscient presence of Abami Eda on the album, it’s starting to appear the whole thing was arranged by Falz himself.

On this album, we see an artiste trying too hard to exert himself on some Fela sounds.

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#GoldFamily: Adekunle Gold And Simi Commit To A Lifetime of Love With New Single ‘Promise’


Newlyweds, Adekunle Gold and Simi have decided to give us a beautiful glimpse into the events of their wedding day by releasing a brand new single titled “Promise”.

A beautiful way start the new year musically, the video takes us on a journey to the various location and happenings on their big day, and for the first time, shows the couple in their most public display of affection without any apology.

With the lyrics of the song, the couple commit to a happily ever after life together, sounding very much like they were saying their wedding vows.

Pundits are already suggesting there may be a joint album on the way and we are so ready if that turns out to be true.

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Discussing Falz’s ‘Moral Instruction’ Album and the Transactional Sex Debate | Vibes with Victor


On Tuesday (January 15), Falz released his fourth studio album dubbed ‘Moral Instruction’. The album dropped to an uproar on social media as a result of the rapper’s remark on transactional sex.

In this episode of ‘Vibes with Victor’, Victor Okpala discusses the philosophy of morality, the transactional sex debate and significance of the Moral Instruction album.

Watch video here
Detty December: Cleaning Up Our Acts In 2019

I was so pleased to see quite a few Nigerian artists put up their own shows (even if in name only) last December. I have made a lot of noise about this for years now and though I don’t understand why it has taken so long to get here, still, it’s better late than never. With the present momentum, I fully expect that we’ll have at least twice the number of shows that held last December, at the end of this year, and I’m so fucking excited!

Whether you were able to partake of one or more of the many shows last December or just followed updates on social media, It was clear that most of the events were not without major hiccups. And all the usual suspects made an appearance including the perennial, seemingly genetically-influenced inability of our artistes and show organizers to keep to time, inadequate and ineffective security giving rise to robbery and sexual harassment, and of course mediocre sets resulting from little or no planning. Like we say over here, it’s in our blood. But is it really in our blood? If it is in our blood how come Johnny Drille held a show that started and ended on time? How come I heard only good reviews from the fans who attended Adekunle Gold’s residency?

Shows and performances are a critical part of an artist’s career with huge potentials for direct revenue and brand building that is still very much under-appreciated in our industry. And to deliver better experiences for concert goers and fans in the new year, artists and promoters must fully understand that they are responsible for the welfare and enjoyment of their paying fans right from the time they step into the event venue to the moment they leave; and must act accordingly. So, here are some areas where significant improvements can be made with huge ROI.

Plan your set!
It doesn’t matter how many “I love my fans” tweets you put up if you don’t take time to properly plan and rehearse your set you neither love nor respect your fans and that’s sad. You must know beforehand how many songs you plan to perform and have a predetermined sequence for performing them and this information should be known to your band and DJ as well. Every interlude, every pause, every monologue, every song, every opening act’s performance, every lighting manoeuvre, every damn move, as much as possible, should be properly choreographed in advance. This is how you “kill the show” not by merely showing up and miming to your songs in fits and starts.

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#BBNaija: Watch Some Memorable Moments From “Double Wahala” Edition


When Big Brother Naija Double Wahala hit the airwaves in 2o18, fans knew they were in for a treat. But what they didn’t expect was the intense moments that made the 2018 edition the most electrifying one yet.

The housemates gave it there all in all the different aspects: some bonded, some fought (many many times) and some others made up. But nothing compared to the intriguing”friendship” between Cee C and Tobi. Wow!

Watch here
Check Out Toyin Lawani’s Steamy Session As PA Massages Her Butt
Popular fashion entrepreneur and CEO of Tiannah’s EmpireToyin Lawani, is definitely ready for a steamy 2019 and she is not apologetic about it.A few hours ago, the celebrity stylist released a video of her personal assistant giving her a butt massage and the internet went wild with various reactions.While some fans chastised her for showing her naked butt despite having a teenage daughter who has friends on the internet, others simply said it was unprofessional for her male personal assistant to have access to her private parts.
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Sade At 60: Six Of Her Most Important Songs

Yesterday, British Nigerian singer Sade turned 60 years old. Born in Ibadan on January 16, 1959, she grew up to be one of the most famous musicians on the planet, releasing seven albums since her professional career started in 1980.

Sade’s legacy and impact are such that she’s celebrated globally and many musicians from different generations such as Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Kanye West, and Beyonceidentify her as a major influence on their art.

Her 1983 album Promise (which included singles Sweetest Taboo, Never As Good As The First Time and Is It A Crime?) over five million copies worldwide. Together with her band, she has won four Grammy Awards and holds the prestigious title of Commander of the British Empire.

In honour of her sixtieth birthday, here are six of her most important songs.

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This Young Mother Did A Semi-Nude Photoshoot On A Street To Prove A Point

One African-American mother is tired of people treating breastfeeding like an anomaly when in reality it is a very normal and natural part of life.


The woman with Instagram handle @scapperella took to the middle of a road to do a photoshoot of hersemi clad in a swimwear while nurturing her baby.

Sharing the photos on her Instagram she wrote,

The naturalness of breastfeeding in so many positions only a mama could know.
The attitude of unshamefulness as my baby is being nourished, held, snug & secure.
The power of not giving a flying fuck of the opinions of others, only being a mother & who I am simultaneously.
Smack dab in the middle of American society, I continue to embody traditions that wont be shooketh by western ways.
Unfuckwitable, the nipple is freed with expressing & desexualizing my feminine form.
I am a wombman.
Deservant of respect.
Hiding your feminine power, shaming breastfeeding & making the wombman feel low about the expression of their vessel is what they want.
No giving in.
Hide my femininity for your comfort? Psh it was never about you.
SN: this photo was taken at the beach after being harassed by the cops and threatening to call back up because a “black woman” was breastfeeding in the open. Coincidence? HELL NO.
Art was never meant to be overstood (understood?) with the logical mind. Art is to be felt with an open mind & heart.

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10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Should Make A Comeback In 2019

Tekno, Sean Tizzle, Tonto Dikeh are just three of the Nigerians fans would love to see make a comeback this year.

Click here to see full list.

We Love This Throwback Video Of Sade Talking About Her Nigerian Roots

The legendary Sade Adu turned 60 yesterday and for all of yesterday and a good part of this morning, she was trending on the internet because well, everyone loves Sade.

We went digging and found this super adorable throwback video of the Nigerian-British singer born, Helen Folasade Adu.

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