You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives! M.I Abaga Sends Strong Message to Nigerian Rappers on New Single

Posted on October 20 2017 , at 08:53 am
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M.I Abaga is on some Kendrick Lamar shit!

It is true that Nigerian hip-hop is in a near death state and it is true that many Nigerian rappers have switched lanes to the pop route in a bid to get more gigs and land endorsement deals. It is also very true that South Africa has become the new hip-hop capital of Africa – a title that Nigeria could boast of in the past.

We of the Nigerian hip-hop community have been wailing for the past four years as we watched almost every mainstream Nigerian rap artiste abscond us to join the pop craze. M.I Abaga who has in the past been referred to as ‘The king of African hip-hop’ is in no way exempted from this felony. But it appears that the rapper is now repentant and is making a move to redeem the ailing Nigerian hip hop culture.

His just released single ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’ as the name implies, is a wake up call for Nigerian rappers. You can say MI Abaga is pulling a Kendrick Lamar on his colleagues but this is a very needful record.

The big question is; how many emcees will respond to the call? How many mainstream Nigerian rappers will fix up their lives just like M.I is seemingly doing with his?

The record was released a few hours ago so the reaction of rappers remains to be seen.

M.I Abaga is expected to put out his fourth studio album Yung DenzL any time from this moment and You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives is clearly a build up to the release of the tape.

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