Please, Don’t END!

Posted on July 28 2019 , at 06:23 am
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Why can’t the best things go on forever? If the team of writers at the Game of Thrones headquarters (lol) didn’t have to find a way around putting an end to the monumental tv series (that united a generation) that excuse of a finale would not have happened!

Why can’t we get the best things to last forever? Or even for a decade? *sigh* Here are the things we wish we could bring back right now.

Game Of Thrones
  1. Game Of Thrones: The goosebumps that this tv series gave people was unbelievable!  Using the word ‘was’ is even a little inaccurate. If you want to know the temperament of the people in a room, just kick off small-talk about Jon Snow killing Khalessi. In fact, just pick a character, any character, and defend her or him to the ground. 

 Then step back and watch the room burn – veins start popping through necks; voices hit unbelievable crescendos! The tv show swept through the world for almost a decade! It was wrapped up after the seventh season and then came back after a year! Who does that? 

 If the Bold and the Beautiful show can still air when its first episode hit screens in 1987, why can’t we get a 9th and 10th season of #GOT?!



  1.   Avengers: The world opened its mouth in shock after the first sequel of Avengers: Endgame. We watched aghast as Black Panther, Spiderman, Fury, Vision, and many others were wiped out. So, we knew that the second instalment would be groundbreaking. But most didn’t expect it to push James Cameron’s Avatar from the highest-grossing movie spot!

Don’t remind us about Stark dying. That’s a pain that can fill up a book. But what broke the hearts of millions was the moment that one of the directors, Anthony Russo stated that he and his co-director, Joe Russo, did not “have any plans for now to make any more Marvel movies!” That’s it, there will be war!


Students of the College of Health Science and Technology, Rumeme, Port Harcourt, Rivers state, listening and interacting during an engaging ASAP session
  1. The ASAP Movement! If you went blank when that was mentioned, we feel very sorry for you but it’s a large world and there are billions of us, so you can be pardoned.

Beyond all the mesmerizing stories that have happened in Nigeria’s political, sports (we got the AFCON bronze medal mehn!) and entertainment circles, some people have been doing amazing work to reduce the rate of first-time drug use among young Nigerians. 

If we are being truthful, Naija has a real drug wahala. Have you gone to the cinemas in the evening? It’s you, your friends and bottles of codeine syrup scattered around the floor. *Sigh*

After over 7 months of pushing the life-changing movement, the Anti Substance Abuse Programme (ASAP) spear-headed by MTN came to an end yesterday. The programme has swept through Lagos, Abuja, Imo, Rivers and Bauchi states. Young Nigerians have learnt to say ‘No, thanks to messages passed through music, drama, dance and chats with industry experts.  Hopefully, there is another phase. 

A thought-provoking scene from the substance abuse-themed Area Boy Play, during an ASAP session in a university in Imo State.
A thought-provoking scene from the substance abuse-themed Area Boy Play, during an ASAP session in a university in Imo State.

So, what do you wish you could bring back?

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