Other Award Shows Can Learn A Thing Or Two From Soundcity’s Blue Carpet

Posted on January 14 2020 , at 12:19 pm
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The Soundcity MVP held on Saturday, 11th of January at the Eko Convention Center and they sought to be different than other award shows with everything they did. However, one thing stood out among their plans and arrangement – their ‘blue’ carpet. 

The blue carpet was set up differently than we are used to seeing at regular Nigerian award shows. Since the event was being broadcasted live on TV, there were a ton of professional cameras and a beautiful setup. The blue carpet was also broadcasted live on TV and was held at the pool area of Eko Hotel. The pool area was transformed into a cabana-styled VIP beachfront. There were cabanas set up, plants, blue lights, music and of course, the blue carpet.

VJ Adams

Aside from the beautiful setup, a few other things were also very memorable from the blue carpet. Soundcity had their biggest hosts, VJ Adams, Moet Abebe and Pearl Hart (Cardy) hosting the blue carpet and were the only media people on camera. They had their hosts dressed flamboyantly (to match the theme) and divided them into two groups, the music/interview carpet and the fashion zone. VJ Adams and Pearl handled the music/interview carpet, asking celebs about their favourite music of the year and other questions. Moet on the other hand, got celebs to spill all the details about their styling, outfits and dress up stories.

Fashion zone with Moet Abebe

Another noteworthy thing is how perfectly organised the blue carpet area flowed. They had a set-up station around the different blue carpet zones where they lined up the celebs and briefly briefed them on what to expect when they got in front of the camera. Everything flowed almost seamlessly, although there were few seconds of sound issues. 

Good Girl LA performing

The most interesting parts of the blue carpet though were the performances happening live and in between interviews on the carpet. There were performances from Ric Hassani, Good Girl LA, and Ghana’s Darkovibes during the carpet part of the show. The way everything appeared seamlessly put together may have excused the fact that they started the carpet about two hours later than announced. 

Pearl Hart aka Pearl Cardy

Although not new in international standards, the idea of a blue carpet being recreated in Nigeria, made for a nice addition to the show. Having a blue carpet made the packaging of the whole event appear superior. It helped to create the much-needed buzz for the event and was truly beautiful. Hopefully, other award shows will learn a few things from the beautiful way the MVP blue carpet was executed and will either replicate it or do something better. We absolutely loved the idea of a blue carpet and the way it was set up. We hope it is here to stay!

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