Njideka Akabogu - Midweek Musings

Dear daughter, you do not have to go through the 'Hoe Phase'!
Waiting for a callback from prospective employers is low-key the most frustrating thing ever!
Intelligent Frank Donga, millionaire comedians, principled Toyin Aimakhu and everything that surprised me at #NECLive5
Dear ladies, your armpit hair is really not a feminist battle
Bills, lonely nights and all the other things no one told you about living alone
Cut it guys! That Justine Skye '& co' business had nothing to do with her skin colour
Dear old lover, I played Beyonce's 'Poison' today and I thought of you
A stray penis poked me in public today and it’s my fault
This respect-your-elders syndrome is killing us!