The Online and Mobile Gambling Revolution

Posted on June 26 2019 , at 04:46 pm
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The Gambling industry has been one of the sectors which have been hit with the revolution of the internet. Online gambling is not new; ever since the internet emerged in the late 20th century, the gaming industry has changed.

This has included the introduction of mobile gaming which has changed the traditional way of gambling. With the win massive jackpots at Betway online, for instance, it’s easier to bet than ever before. Betway makes it possible for you to bet on games live, and in just a few clicks.

It is why online wagering could reach to $1 trillion in 2020. So, what are the factors that drive the online and mobile gambling revolution?

The Top Factors that Drive in the online and mobile gambling revolution

Here is a look at all that’s making online gaming and platforms like Betway popular today.


#1. Live to the game.

The Live gaming option has been one of the key driving factors for online gaming. More punters own smartphones who can participate in live bets. The gaming industry offers exclusive casino bonus codes which are very attractive to punters.

#2. The emergence of cryptocurrency.

Currently, there are more casinos which are accepting cryptocurrency payments. This includes fees such as Bitcoin. We all know that cryptocurrency helps to achieve safety and player anonymity.

#3. GPRS

The success of any mobile platform is dependent on the GPRS. The GPRS technology which is aimed to help in reducing the cost of mobile data.

#4. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is proving to be the key to provide the best user experience. The gaming industry is always looking forward to providing users with near reality experiences.

What are the effects of Online and Mobile gambling revolution?

#1. Increased Growth.

The advancements in new technologies are the ones who are driving the growth of online and mobile gambling revolution. It is estimated that in the US the online gaming generated $720 billion in 2018.

#2. Consumer behavior changes.

The behavior of the consumer determines how a business will run. Online and mobile gaming can change and cater to consumer behavior changes which have facilitated its growth.

#3. More Solutions.

There are more online and mobile gaming platforms which are dedicating themselves to offer mobile solutions. This can be attributed to the high number of individuals who are using cell phones to gamble.

#4. A better approach

There are more online and mobile gaming sites which are opting for a more holistic and innovative approach. This includes offering good layout,  amazing graphics, and a better experience.

What are the future challenges of online and mobile gaming?

There are numerous challenges which are eating up the online and gaming industry. Some of these challenges are bound to roll up in the future. They include:

  1. Player Security issue
  2. Online gambling transparency
  3. Scams
  4. Drawing more Millenials online and mobile gambling.

If these problems are sorted, then the growth of online and mobile gambling will take over the industry. In no time we are going to forget about traditional brick and mortar casinos. Let us know what you think about online and mobile gambling revolution.

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