No shame in 2face pulling out of tomorrow’s protest, he already won

Posted on February 05 2017 , at 10:18 am
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  • Was it a right choice for 2face to cancel? Definitely. Those elements that he said are planning to hijack the protests are very real.

2face Idibia puled out of Monday's planned protest march on Saturday night
2face Idibia pulled out of Monday’s planned protest march on Saturday night

‘People start to talk o. Government start to shake o.’ – Fela Anikulapo Kuti in ‘Unknown Soldier’

How do you know when you’ve rubbed any Nigerian government the wrong way? They start to issue statements and counter statements. 2face’s pull out of the One Voice Nigeria protest is not a disappointment – at least not to this writer.

Rather it is proof that more than ever before, the Nigerian people need to rise up and pressure government into action. They do not like it. It scares them. They make threats. They threaten the organizer of any protest. And as always, the Nigerian people back down.

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From the moment 2face announced that he was protesting, it was obvious that government was uncomfortable with it. For an administration notorious for being incredibly sluggish to respond to pressing matters swung into action with bewildering alacrity.

The propaganda machinery on social media got back to work, trending hashtags and retweets. And by government, I do not only mean the APC-led federal government; out of favour politicians also suddenly found their voices. All because a popular celebrity was going to lead a movement against their collective incompetence.

Ekiti governor Ayo Fayose expressed his support for the protest
Ekiti governor Ayo Fayose expressed his support for the protest but is he not part of the problem?

Was it a right choice for 2face to cancel? Definitely. Those elements that he said are planning to hijack the protests are very real. Governor Fayose of Ekiti for example – whose state ranks among the poorest and most backward in the nation – voiced his unsolicited support for 2face’s protest, conveniently forgetting that he is part of the failing government being marched against. His participation in the event would have completely altered the point of it.

More ludicrous is the Nigerian Police Force ‘warning all Nigerians not to protest’. Their men are poorly trained, poorly paid and a pathetic bunch of sufferheads. Yet anytime regular Nigerians – people who they beg for fifty naira on the highways daily – seem to gather against the government, they’re the first to threaten the people. (That perhaps is why I personally have no sympathy for policemen when their rotten living quarters are shown on television. They deserve it.)

Like I mentioned last week, 2face Idibia is never going to be poor. His children are never going to be sent out of school for nonpayment of fees. He’s one of the few Nigerians who do not live in poverty. He will be okay, no matter what happens to the economy.

The people for whom the future is bleak is the mass of Nigerian people who live under a dollar daily. We always need another Nigerian to fight our cause. Depending on which political party we support, we rail against those ones when they announce movements like 2face’s.

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As the police threatened, they very well could have disrupted the One Voice Nigeria protest tomorrow. They do not have water cannons or rubber bullets; all they know is to shoot live rounds into crowds. And when that happens, like the biblical Israelites turned on Moses, we will turn on an innocent Innocent.

There’s no shame in living to fight another day. On the contrary, the shame belongs to the Nigerian government who is not ashamed of their ineptitude but are afraid of one man’s cause.

The shame belongs to the Nigerian people who are docile enough to meekly accept whatever hardship government metes out to them. Until each person learns to fight for himself, na like this we go dey dey.

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