#NigeriaAt58: ORIN Commemorates Celebration With Independence Day Playlist

Posted on October 01 2018 , at 09:05 am
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  • To celebrate this great day, we present you with top 7 songs dedicated to our beloved country by patriotic musicians over the years

As we celebrate Nigeria’s 58 years of independence, we say cheers to new beginnings and 360 jollification.

To celebrate this great day, we present you with top 7 songs dedicated to our beloved country by patriotic musicians over the years.

Here’s a list of 7 songs you should listen to today –

  1. Timi Dakolo  ‘Great Nation’

This passionate song by  Timi Dakolo was released in November 2012. The track that communicates the desire for a greater Nigeria. The song ‘Great Nation’express confidence in the greatness of this nation and how we can build this nation together through peace, unity and Justice. The song is indeed an anthem for peace, patrotism and togetherness.

2. Funmi Adams ‘Nigeria My Beloved Country’

‘Nigeria My Beloved Country’ is one of the classic songs by Funmi Adams recognised to celebrate Nigeria. The track is one of the most patriotic songs to be ever recorded in Nigeria. The impact of the message in this song is so overwhelming as the lyrics say, “Nigeria my beloved country, working together is the key. Nigeria my beloved country, her future is you and me.”

3. Sonny Okosun– ‘Which Way Nigeria’

The late veteran Nigerian singer, Sonny Okosun, is indeed a legend that will never be forgotten. The song ‘Which Way To Go’ emphasises on the possible ways Nigeria can be saved, “which way Nigeria, which way to go, I love my fatherland, let’s save Nigeria.”  Okosun also highlights the issues of the country that citizens need to pay attention to such as inefficiency, indiscipline, corruption and inflation.

4. TY Bello – ‘Green Land’

‘Green Land‘ is one of Nigeria’s most celebratory songs. TY Bello in 2008 released her debut studio album ‘Greenland’. The song with the theme of love, family and nation expresses confidence in the future of Nigeria. It inspires Nigerians to liberate themselves from a place of despair to a place of hope.

5. Sound sultan – ‘Motherland’

Sound Sultan is one of the creative artistes that gave the best rendition to promote independence. His 2006 classic, ‘Mother Land’ is a reminder to Nigerians in the diaspora not to forget their heritage. It further preaches that no matter how rosy, beautiful and blessed a foreign land may appear, Nigeria will always be home.

6. Veno Marioghae– ‘Nigeria Go Survive’

Veno Marioghae released this song 33 years ago, under the Tabansi Records’ label. ‘Nigeria Go Survive’ is a signal of hope for many Nigerians in the 80s and 90s. Veno’s patriotism cannot be weighed as the artiste strongly believed that th country would pull through, despite all odds. The lyrics of the song stressed on the basic crisis in Nigeria; economical, religious and tribalistic conflicts.

7. Onyeka Onwenu – ‘One Love’

Onyeka Onwenu is a music legend who is passionate about the unity and peace of Nigeria. One Love is the lead song off her fourth the album ‘One Love’ released in 1986. This song emphasises the theme of love and unity in a world of struggle and dreams of staying alive.


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