NETTv Exclusive: MC Lively Recalls The Day An Angry Landlord Nearly Beat Him Up While Recording A Skit

Posted on September 13 2018 , at 12:56 pm
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Rising Instagram comedian Mc Lively who is popularly known for his ‘stubborn lawyer’ skits has revealed an unforgettable experience he had while he was shooting one of his skits.

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According to him, he is usually subject to harassment whenever he goes out with his crew to shoot his skits, and on one of these occasions, he was harassed and even slapped by an impatient landlord who also threatened to call his security guards on him for ‘constituting a nuisance.’

‘I remember we once went to record a skit in Gbagada in February. At that time, people didn’t really know who I was. We agreed that the lady who was being featured in the skit would slap me but I got more than I bargained for’.

He continued ‘While recording the skit, she kept slapping me, but we had not gotten everything we wanted to say. She slapped me up to five times (they were real slaps and not these fake Nollywood slaps oh) but we had still not gotten the shot we wanted. That was how the owner of the building came out and said he would bring his security to get us out of there.

‘Eventually, the lady slapped me six times, but we did not still get the perfect shot, till now, that ear is still paining me. In fact, as I am thinking about the slap, my face is paining me’.

Watch the full interview above.

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