NET’s female fans tell us why they fake orgasms

Posted on September 08 2017 , at 03:58 pm
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  • Hilarious and insightful at the same time.


We asked our female fans on Instagram why they fake orgasms and these are the mostly hilarious and surprisingly insightful replies we got.


It’s normal.

@janicspretty: ‘Faking orgasm is normal for ladies [but] if u love a guy tell him how to make you get to orgasm ’cause most girls can only get to orgasm when they masturbate dia by killing d relationship, so it’s best u be open.’


I do it so he thinks I’m enjoying sex.

@gbemisolasho: ‘I fake it, just for him to think I enjoy the sex, but hardly will u find naija guy that will fuck u, till u reach orgasm. What most of them are after is for them to cum and leaving the lady horny. Weather she cum or not is none of their business.’

How you look when he has not made you reach orgasm

Anyone who says she hasn’t is lying!

@swatzfab: ‘Any woman who says she hasn’t faked orgasm is a liar. Men don’t understand that it’s hard to turn on a woman. Both of you can’t be horny at the same time. So it’s A n B.’


Someone is forming not knowing. Okay.

@richie_praise: ‘What is this orgasm everyone is talking about’


This woman says her man’s got to work work work!

@i_amayana: ‘Nop, not faking shit…. dude, even Riri said it WORK WORK WORK… dude after giving her WILD WILD THOUGHTS, you gat Work it or gi cho Uzo nigga (like Darlington said) can’t be giving her one Igbo nigga bullshit excuse.’


We’re not sure what’s going on here but, yeah.

@buckbank: ‘You fuck me too hard ooo u fuck me too hard , e dey pound me like fufu 🎼🎼🎼🎼😶’


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