Need A Reason To Listen To Podcasts? Here Are 5!

Posted on June 14 2018 , at 10:09 pm
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There may be Netflix and iTunes taking our attention away when it comes to consumption of content but podcasts are the quiet rival which appears to be gaining more ground.

Podcasts, contrary opinion, aren’t limited to a few people sitting down to converse but actually span beyond that.

Like other forms of content, production has developed and we’ve seen podcasts become not just entertaining but educating too.

If you’re for a reason to listen to podcasts here are 5 that will definitely convince you.

1. You can still multi-task

Instead of plugging in and listening to your favorite music, try downloading a podcast for your next commute or leisurely stroll. Video requires both your eyes and ears, but podcasts deliver incredibly interesting content with just your ears. Whether you drive to work, take the train, or sit on the bus, try listening to a podcast that passes the time and doesn’t distract you.

2. Podcasts are free

You get hours upon hours of free content you can listen to all day long. For entertainment, for business, for anything, you have a huge catalog of series and episodes to enjoy for absolutely free. You probably pay a cable company to watch television, a movie theater to see films, and a streaming service to listen to music, so if you think free podcasts are too good to be true, you’re wrong.

3. Learn new things

Any hobby, any passion, and any interest will have a podcast. Many podcasters that explore skills, hobbies, and other interests are typically experts or very knowledgeable, and listening to episodes is one of the best ways to learn more about whatever it is you are into.

4. They can keep you company

If you’re alone and could use some company, turn on a podcast. This suggestion probably seems a little sad, but honestly if you’re feeling lonely, podcasts can help fill that void. Hearing people talk is much less alienating than listening to music alone. A podcast that offers a laid-back conversation is best for times like these.

5. Better way to pass time than listening to music

Listening to people talk makes the time pass much quicker than listening to music. Also, spending long stretches of time listening to something interesting that will teach you something is better than being alone with your thoughts.


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