All You Need To Know About Cynthia Erivo, The British-Nigerian Actress Taking Over The World

Posted on February 14 2020 , at 03:51 pm
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One minute, you didn’t know who Cynthia Erivo is, the next minute her name is in every headline, on every blog, and at least two mentions per TL scroll on Twitter.

So who is Cynthia Erivo, and why is everyone talking about her all of a sudden? Below is everything you should know about the Oscar-nominated actress and singer.

Cynthia Was Born To Nigerian Parents: Her full name is Cynthia Onyedinmanasu Chinasaokwu Erivo! Does it get more Nigerian than that? The actress was born to Nigerian parents, and even though she has spent all her life in London, she still fully identifies as a Naija babe. Doubt it? Take a look at this Instagram post from 2018.

Americans Weren’t Here For Cynthia As Harriet: News of Cynthia playing the iconic American political activist, Harriet Tubman in the biopic “Harriet” was met with opposition by some Americans who felt the role should be played by an American. Well, Cynthia had this to say to them: “Actors are free to go where they please for their work, but I dare you to do that fully as a Black woman in the U.K. If I see it, I applaud it. What was for someone else was never mine in the first place. Please believe that I have turned down roles I know I have no business playing. This role is not one of them….”

She’s One Award Away From Becoming An EGOT: Cynthia has won an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony, when (because we’re certain that it will happen) she eventually wins an Oscar, she will become one of the very few talented humans to have the four major awards. The actress snagged the three awards for her role as Celie in the broadway version of ‘The Colour Purple’.

Cynthia Erivo

She Started Out Studying Music Psychology: That’s right! The 33-year-old had been on her way to getting a degree in Music Psychology, but discovered after one year that it wasn’t for her. She switched to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts where she immersed herself in classical training.

Cynthia Has A Sister Who Is Her Doppelgänger: Cynthia’s sister, Stephanie is literally her without the haircut. Their resemblance is so striking that a lot of people actually think they are twins. Stephanie was also her date to the Oscars, along with their mom, Edith.

‘Harriet’ Is The 3rd Movie She’s Starred in: Believe it or not, ‘Harriet’ the movie that bagged her two Oscar nominations this year is just her third movie, and first lead role. Safe to say she killed it!


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