How MTN and Access Bank Shut Down Lagos For 5,000 Kids …To Have The Fun Of A Lifetime

Posted on August 28 2019 , at 12:58 pm
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Lagos never sleeps, so when you hear that a shutdown is about to happen, you definitely know it’s going to be something huge. The word on the street last week was that the biggest summer event of the year was coming up in Lagos. ‘Biggest’ ke? Yup, and now we know that it was a real shut down.

Apparently, it was not a fashion show (well not entirely); it was not a concert, and it definitely was not a tv show either. Thousands of children ages 9-15 gathered for one of the largest summer events we’ve seen in a while – the mPulse Planet.  See, ehn, these kids owned Last Friday and there is no point arguing it.

Children playing games at the mPulse Planet

They had an expedition trip to the year 2044 and everyone who expected it to be a huge deal got their huge deal on a platter.  Many were hesitant at first, “how would it be pulled off?” And let’s not lie, we were a little sceptical at first. 

Children having fun and taking a glimpse into the future

On Friday, August 23rd, 2019, things were taken to another level of ‘ghen’ ‘ghen’ when kids were teleported into the year 2044 – 25 years from 2019. The kids had their picks of the choicest games (Augmented Reality [AR], Virtual Reality [VR], game shows, etc.), building driverless cars and robots.

Plus, there were loads of food, drinks (there was food everywhere) and there was a play area in almost every corner. So everywhere you turned, there was something exciting happening. We won’t start about the bungee jumping, because even adults sef wanted a try at it.

Jumping became extra fun!

Children got to sit and chat with their favourite celebrities and they loved it. Child star, Emmanuella Samuel and popular media personality, DJ Mannie, surprised the kids with photos, autographs and fun questions about their lives and style. 

Popular OAP, DJ Mannie, asking questions on the mPulse Radio Show
Child Star, Emmanuella Samuel, on the mPulse Radio Show at the mPulse Planet

Another thing that was quite… erm… impressive, was the kid’s vision of 2044. Many children had the weirdest yet original perspective of what the next 25 years would bring. Considering that a child thought we would be “walking on our heads,” it’s safe to say that 2044 will be something to look out for!

MTN mPulse is an exciting service which equips students between the ages of 9 and 15 years with the resources they need to maximize their potential. The service offers kids a lot of freebies and features such as free birthday credit, free WhatsApp, practice questions for Common Entrance, WAEC, JSCE and Jamb, Videos and lots of games. More about mPulse can be found here

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