Mother Of McClure Twins Mentions Racist Dad Is Not The Biological Father Of Twins

Posted on July 20 2018 , at 04:00 pm
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Ami McClure mother of the Youtube sensations The McClure Twins has revealed that her husband Justin McClure is not the biological father of the identical twin girls.

The McClure Twins Alex and Ava are adorable kids who have garnered millions of followers on social media with a Youtube subscriber base of 60, 000.

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Fans were unaware the couple was a blended family until Ani put out the information in a recent video, as the couple tries to deal with the aftermath of Justin getting caught making comments deemed to be racist about black people on their family’s Twitter page.

Ami told fans in the video, “I met Justin in 2014.” That’s significant because the twins turned 5 on Thursday which would make their birthday July 12, 2013. Digesting her statement, calculation proves the twins are not Justin’s biological kids.

Ami was married to another man, Jeff Pestka in 2012,  just a year before the twins were born and Pestka who is also white bears a striking resemblance to the twins.

Ami then released another video setting the record straight. In the video, she says that her first husband is the twins biological father, but the relationship was toxic. According to Ami, she left Jeff shortly after she found out that she was pregnant with the girls.

Watch the video below

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