Meet Prince Ehima, the Eclectic Nigerian Designer Creating Magic With Graphics, Videos and Web Applications

Posted on January 24 2020 , at 05:35 am
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It all started with the love of comics at childhood – silly childhood books, that opened up one child’s imagination to what is possible and what can be real. Prince Ehima has gone from drawing up comic characters with pencils to creating the impossible behind his laptop and mouse. 

The Product Designer at ID Africa has come a long way from his Olabisi Onabanjo University days studying Computer Science. When Prince was asked how he got into Product Designing from Computer Science, Prince explained that coding was never for him. ‘I have always been a designer’ he says.


A Product Designer creates products that the end user will use, enjoy and appreciate. As Product Designer, Prince oversees the entire Design Team consisting of the Graphics Designer and the UI/UX team. 

Prince joined the BlackHouseMedia (BHM) team in 2013 as a Digital Media Executive, then became one of the founding members of ID Africa first as a Graphics Designer, until he grew to become a Products Designer. 

When asked how he acquired his numerous and diverse skills, the Edo State indigene explained that everything he now knows, he learnt through online courses on Coursera. He has never had physical training, he’s basically a self-taught Designer. Prince is a tireless learner, and with his passion and thirst for knowledge, he has been able to record some achievements. 


In 2017, Prince won the Behance Live Contest by Adobe. The challenge was to design a prototype for a food app with a minimum of 3 screens using Adobe XD, under one hour. He had first tried his hand on this and had lost. But when the opportunity came around again. he was ready. Prince’s entry won the prize. This was a competition that was open to designers from all around the world. Truly impressive. 

Prince with his prize winning design

The Product Designer’s day to day activities includes maintenance of the numerous platforms that ID Africa owns, designing client briefs, building and re-building websites. Prince is presently rebuilding and designing the NECLive website, as well as designing brand messaging for the event. 

In March 2019, ID Africa acquired NET Newspapers Ltd, and this led to a quick expansion that required the IDA office to occupy larger office space. Prince, working with the then HR Business Partner Abiola Okanlawon, created a design and branding for the new IDA office space, and supervised the completion of the new space. You could say Prince built the new office space ground up. He and Abiola had to decide on colours, furniture, budget and every detail of the new space.  

The new ID Africa office space designed by Prince

At the ID Africa office, Prince has jokes for days, always cracking up at his own sometimes not funny jokes, but that jolly personality belies a focused and disciplined Designer. 

“Prince is one of the few versatile, hardworking young people I know and respect. The way he goes about his tasks as if they’re not difficult is always amazing. I guess he found a hack for distilling stress. His cheerful disposition makes him find humour in everything. I really like that about him” Humphrey Anyim, Prince’s colleague, shared this about him. 

Prince taking a training session at the ID Africa office

Prince is a game head, and when he’s not beating a work deadline, he’s with the gamepads, bringing his intensity and passion to a friendly game of FIFA 20 trying to beat his colleagues. 

Taofik Bankole, his colleague had this to say about him “Prince is one of the most reliable hands anyone would love to have around. It’s been a pleasant experience working with him and seeing the level of expertise with which he handles his work. And he has some jokes (ahem, dry ones) to ease the tension around the office”.

In his downtime, Prince hosts a Youtube channel, where he sheds some light on whatever his recent tech fascination may be. He is also a handyman, building smart devices for himself, or tinkering with one tool or the other. 

Prince describes himself as a DaVinci and we believe him. With his combination of Web design, graphic design, UI/UX and several other skills, we know this superstar is just getting started. We cannot wait to see what next he gets up to. 



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