Low Budget Kardashian: Blac Chyna’s Appearance Fee For Nigeria Trip Cost Less Than A Car

Posted on November 26 2018 , at 01:30 pm
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  • While Kylie Jenner earns up to $1 million from appearances, her ex-girlfriend of her former boyfriend makes do with a fraction of that.

Ah, the life of the rich and famous can be fascinating- especially when it’s aired on stations like E!. Little wonder that Angela Renée White, known better by her moniker Blac Chyna tried all she could to be a celebrity. She took a shortcut to attain the desired fame when she dropped out of university to focus on her side gig- stripping. Soon enough, Blac Chyna soon became a staple in hip-hop music videos, complete with breasts and butt implants. By the time she would start dating the brother of her first child’s father’s girlfriend (phew, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?!), her journey to fame was almost complete. What’s more, she landed her own reality show on the entertainment channel, even if it was shortlived. A star had been born…


Her recently concluded visit to Nigeria to launch a “whitening cream” was made to appear like a big deal by her and her host, the Cameroonian-Nigerian singer/beauty entrepreneur Dencia. Ignoring comments that criticized the bold move of launching a “bleaching cream”, she and Dencia maintained that the N92,500 cream was a “luxury whitening cream”.

First on her schedule was a private party in Abuja, after which she was flown on a private jet for the meet-and-greet in Lagos on Sunday afternoon. There, she mingled with a handful of Nigeria beauty lovers- and of course Bobrisky.

But is her life glamourous as much as she – and her handlers- paint it to be on social media and tv? Most definitely not.

Soon after she got pregnant for Rob Kardashian, the KUWTK machinery (led by their legendary momager Kris Jenner) went into action and created a spinoff series for the two. Rob & Chyna showed both lovers as they tried to build a home together as they expected the delivery of their daughter. However, it appeared as if the “love” was contrived and the show ended after only seven episodes. The fights between the two came to a head when Rob published sexually explicit photos of her in a fit of jealous rage. She dragged him to court and obtained a restraining order against him.

At the height of her Kardashian connection, he appearance fees went as high as $30,000. In May 2018, a report on Daily Mail revealed that the fees had reduced to as low as $2,000; and that promoter wanted her to have the Kardashian factor.



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NET reported that her entire trip cost Dencia 10 million naira (approximately $27,000). That includes her first class return ticket from Los Angeles, a premium economy class ticket for her assistant who came with her, hotel accommodation and private jet rental from Abuja.

Although those close to Dencia did not give an exact figure, our calculation places Blac Chyna’s appearance fee to be $10,ooo.

A return ticket from LAX-LOS on first class which she flew on cost 4 million naira. Their hotel accommodation in Lagos and Abuja cost roughly 500,000 naira and their private jet flight from the FCT roughly 1.8 million.

That leaves the 10 million budget to 3.7 million naira ($10,000) – much lower than the cost of buying a new car in Lagos- the actual figure she got paid. On the contrary, Kylie Jenner, youngest of the Kardashian family who was dating Blac Chyna’s ex; commands no less than $100,000 to attend events, a fee that can rise to as high as $1 million.

Blac Chyna can have no complains though. She’s far removed from dancing in a strip club and even at under ten thousand dollars for an all expense paid trip across the Atlantic Ocean, it’s still a life that many people can only dream of.



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