Listen Up: Kids Teach A Masterclass On Life, The Future & How To Deal With Worries

Posted on September 12 2019 , at 02:38 pm
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‘Naija no dey carry last!’, is as powerful as it is funny. We as Nigerians have this unrivalled ‘can-do’ spirit. It shows in all that we do. And our kids are not left out. The parents and adults make headlines each time, but the kids are as newsworthy, if not more!

The largest gathering of kids this year happened on Friday, August 23 2019, at the mPulse Planet (Landmark Event centre). It was organized by MTN Nigeria’s tween and teen proposition, mPulse and supported by Access Bank Plc.

Dance, fun and games at the mPulse Planet

Children between the ages of 9 and 15 were hosted to an exciting time and in the midst of all the jumping, experimenting with robots and Legos, we found out some exciting tips that could transform all our lives. Grab a drink and read on:


Children learning to build and design products at the mPulse Planet
  1. Help Your Neighbours:

Kids do not understand the term ‘posing’ or ‘shakara’, they want to have fun with their friends and it’s that simple.

They will seek help from one another and help random kids they have never met, without having a care in the world. They are not bothered about what you wear or how you wear it, it all boils down to ‘how fun are you?’

At the Tech town in the mPulse Planet, children got to compete and help each other. “My robot can jump, do you want me to show you what I did?”, an 8-year-old asked the boy sitting beside him and the mini-tutorials began after their exchange.

Watching them closely inspires you to help out people you don’t know. Give a helping hand, jare! Life’s too short to be ‘posing’ with knowledge.


Laugh more!
  1. Get People To Laugh Around You:

The children were not trying to be funny, but they found fun in everything and passed the joy around.

You see two girls dancing on the dance machine and one girl’s score is seriously trailing her partner’s. The winning friend starts making silly faces that caused everybody to erupt in laughter. At the end of the day, there are really no losers. Everybody wins in one way!

  1. Learn To Have Fun The Proper Way:

No one needed to tell these kids to have fun, they were like free spirits once they stepped into the mPulse Planet.

They dropped every worry before they walked into the time machine and had fun throughout the day. No ‘mummy or daddy worries’, no ‘school worries’. They really were not able to contain their excitement. If only adults could do that often, life would be less stressful.

Children having fun at the mPulse Planet
  1. Be Ready For The Future:

Adults are still skeptical about what the future holds, kids don’t have the time for all that worry. They enjoy the present and welcome the future with a grin. Most adults were hesitant to predict what would happen in 2044. There was still a lot to sort out in 2019 and the next 25 years would have to take its time.


But the children had a blast predicting the future. Some thought about becoming presidents, some were preoccupied with what Nigeria would look like, some predicted that they would be part-robot with robot children. Wow!


In just a few hours, children showed us humanity, kindness, genuineness and compassion. They were having fun and schooling us at the same time. So, if there is anything you want to take from this week, behave like a child. Life’s simpler that way.

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