The Lagos Logs: Weird Tales Of Traffic

Posted on March 05 2018 , at 02:04 pm
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Lagos Traffic

Today is a weird day.

As you all know, today is yet another busy Monday morning in Lagos. This means traffic, hot sun and stress right? Wrong. Someway, somehow, the roads were not jam-packed with hustlers in suits and manoeuvring yellow buses. While I was in the bus, I kept waiting for the point where the bus would stop and observe the regular Monday morning traffic ritual. Someway, somehow it didn’t happen.

I don’t know if the spirits of Monday morning traffic are on vacation or maybe Wakanda is actually starting to penetrate into Lagos life, whatever it is, please stay a  while. This traffic situation, or lack thereof, actually got me thinking about how easy it is for us to become accustomed to mediocrity.

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I mean here I was, a seemingly sane person, waiting for traffic on a free road. When I didn’t experience any traffic, I found it so astonishing I had to write about it. It is not, and should not, be a big deal to experience free roads, unlimited power supply, fast mobile network, affordable fuel prices, a government that works…am I shaking this table too much?

However, because we don’t experience these things in our day to day lives when we actually experience them, a part of us feels a certain type of the way. It might sound weird but after a while, when mediocrity is your reality, you start to enjoy it and miss it when it is not around. Weird, yes. True, yes.

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What is the cure? How do we rise above a life of mediocrity even though we exist in its reality? There’s no magic trick about going about that really. We just have to choose higher ground. We have to consciously live and walk with the knowledge that things are not how they should be and we deserve more. Be unrelenting with the standards we choose to live by and never ever compromise.

Its easy to say these things on a Monday morning when motivational speeches are littered all over your timeline and your spirits are high but what’s up on Wednesday? How ya doing on a Friday?

It’s not easy, rising above is our daily struggle. One victory at a time, however, is all we need to win this conquest. You know why? Because we will all be fine last last.

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