The Lagos Logs: ‘Fixing Up’ With Pure Magic

Posted on March 19 2018 , at 05:12 pm
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No matter what type of work you’re doing, Lagos will turn you into a hustler and an unapologetic workaholic. You will find yourself caught up in a tight schedule of some sort and day by day, you just find yourself watching life pass you by. Unless, of course, you decide to make a move and break your norm.

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Last week Friday, Afropolitan Vibes had their special fifth-anniversary concert and for a throwback, they brought in boy band, Styl – Plus, and African rapper number one, MI Abaga. A couple of colleagues were going and they had invited me to tag along with them.

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Being the homebody I am, naturally, I waved it off but then something dawned on me. I never go out, like ever! This is partly because like I mentioned earlier, I am a homebody and just the thought of leaving my house gets me tired. The other part, of course,  is the fact that I am always tired from work and like most people, when I’m not working I am resting as much as can.

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Here was a chance to let loose for once and guess what? I was about to pass it up. I decided otherwise and had some cool clean fun for the first in a long while. Styl-Plus did not disappoint, however, it was MI, that had me screaming at the top of my lungs.

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There I was in the middle of the night at Muri Okunola Park with a bunch of strangers screaming ‘ANOTI ANOTI’ and it felt like such a Kodak moment. A bunch of strangers with different histories, but at one moment in time or the other, we had come across this piece of music and it resonated with each and every one of us. So much so, that we internalized the lyrics up until this rave-worthy moment. If that isn’t pure magic, what is?

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So yes, I left the Island that morning feeling just a little bit more magical. It was a nice wake-up call to the fact that there is still more life to be lived if only you would decide to live it.

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When last did you experience some pure magic? If you had to think about it, its been too long. Go and fix up.

From The Lagos Side,

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