The Lagos Logs: Fake Uber Drivers Hustle In Suits

Posted on February 05 2018 , at 09:46 am
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Uber has been through a rough patch in recent times

Lagos is fun. It’s every bit as inspiring and alive as I expected it to be. It’s so weird when things meet up to your expectation and live up to the hype. I have to admit that being in Lagos does make me miss New York but I know I am exactly where I need to be so it’s fine.

As It turns out, I have been taking a longer and dumber route to get to work. When I told my aunt the route I was taking, she had a great laugh. My error has been corrected and now I’m taking a shorter route but funny enough the cost of the transport fare is still the same.

So I came home quite late yesterday because there was traffic on the road when I was coming back. Due to the fact, I guess, there was no bus going to Ojuelegba. No one in Ojuelegba knows my story yet but I was hustling from work. (Please tell me you get the reference).

Speaking of hustling, while we were waiting for the Ojuelegba bus, one man in a suit and a nice car pulled up and said “Maryland, Ojuelegba”. I was hesitant at first but two other people entered then I was like “even if he wants to use us to do money ritual, he won’t kill all of us, especially me that I don’t have hair”.  Don’t mind me, I don’t know who told me that being bald disqualifies you from being a human sacrifice. Anyhow, I used faith to enter the car and then the man started collecting our money.

That was when I realized that I would be the last one to get off. Then I was now scared because like, what if this was a 419 thing where it was planned and it is me they’ll kidnap. I wanted to get off but I didn’t.

I’m here to testify that I wasn’t kidnapped sha. I got home safely. When we were remaining two in the car, the man’s son called and he told his son that he would soon be home and that he loved him. In that moment, I was humbled.

I don’t know what job the guy does, but for a man wearing such a nice suit and driving such a clean car to humble himself and turn his car into public transport, the economy must have dealt with him somehow. However, instead of him to cry and mope about it, he finds new opportunities to make money for his family.

It may not affect you too badly but this economy is making life really hard for many Nigerians. So if you’re ever in a position to help or create an opportunity for yourself or someone else, please do.

That’ll be all for today’s log. But before I go, you all should know that my data is about to finish and it has been ministered to my spirit that one of you will subscribe for me. If you’re led, I use MTN. Let God use you.

From The Lagos Side,

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