The Lagos Logs: On Entering One Chance And Oversharing

Posted on February 26 2018 , at 02:26 pm
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  • It was an experience like none other.

Lagos Logs
Lagos Logs

I overshare.

I don’t know if its something to be proud about but I can’t say that I am particularly ashamed of it. Whether it’s making Snapchat videos when I’m at an event or subbing my friends on Twitter, social media is my playground and I love to play.

Apart from the unapologetically vain posts, however, there are some insightful things I share on my social media accounts that I think would be of great benefit to my friends and family. Music, personal experiences, other people’s experiences; I really always try to be that guy until now. Something happened to me a couple of days ago and left me shook.

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Anyone who’s lived in Lagos for a certain amount of time would definitely have heard one or two stories about people entering ‘One Chance buses’. For the sake of those of you that might not be familiar with the term, a ‘One Chance bus’ is a public transport bus that looks seemingly normal but isn’t. The people in the bus are usually in agreement to either rob, hurt or kidnap their victims. On one fateful Monday, two Mondays ago I entered one of those buses.

Luckily for me, I wasn’t hurt but they did take my phone which was the only valuable possession I had on me. It wasn’t a great experience. In fact, it took a while before I could talk to those around me about it me because it felt so unreal. It’s not something I’d want to relive or wish on anyone, but it happened.

For the longest time, I replayed every single detail of that day in my head and for once, the last thing I felt like doing was sharing. It didn’t feel like a victory and it wasn’t an experience I wanted to relive in writing or in any other form. It was a strange feeling. For once, I didn’t want to share.

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Why did I change my mind? I decided I didn’t want to live a life or showcase a life of incomplete truths. Share only positive experiences and keep the bad ones to myself. I am not saying that we are obligated to share every single thing that happens to us or even that we should. What I am saying, however, is that we should not play the social media game of keeping up appearances.

Do you want people to fall in love with a half-baked perception of you or do you want them to know you for you? If you are like me, an oversharer, do you just make everyone believe you live in rosebuds and flowery gardens or do you show them the good, the bad and the ugly?

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You never know who is watching and what lessons they are taking from your posts. We never really know the effect that we have on people by not sharing our complete truth and leading them to see and believe only one dimension of our reality. It’s up to you, decide whether or not your ‘followers’ deserve a chance to see you for you.

From The Lagos Side,
Baba Crown


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