Ladies! Three Things To Consider Before You Shoot Your Shot

Posted on August 30 2019 , at 11:59 am
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In a world where women are now taking a stand, making choices for themselves and entering male-dominated industries, it would be unfair to expect them to hold back from making their moves on their love interests. Traditionally, it is considered the man’s duty to let a lady know he likes her but if a lady likes a man, she just has to position herself in a way that he notices her.

Expressing one’s love interest openly, however, comes with its challenges, particularly when it is from a woman to a man. So, I’d like to know, as a woman, is it cool to ‘shoot your shot’ if you like a man or just hope he likes you?

As a lady who is tired of playing by societal rules, here are the possible scenarios to consider before you go ahead and shoot that shot.

1. How would I feel if he says no: Women can be shocked and a little aggressive when men turn down their advances but this shouldn’t be the case. Men usually get turned down by women and reacting negatively usually sends the message that they are not man enough. Before you shoot your shot, consider how you would feel if he turns you down, perhaps because he has a girlfriend. If you are sure that you can deal with the rejection, then by all means – shoot your shot.

2. How would I feel if he says yes: You may be wondering, “isn’t that obvious? I will be happy”, but women are complicated creatures that sometimes overthink things. What if he really likes you but he was shy to ask and when he says “yes”, you assume it is because he thought you were easy and you self-sabotage. Trust me, many women overthink and draw-up dramatic scenarios even where there are none.

3. How would I feel if it works out: There can, indeed, be a happy ending to you asking out that guy you have a crush on. He could say ‘yes, you could take me out’ and you would both have a great time and he would genuinely like you. You cannot rule out the fact that it could work out. You just have to ask yourself, is he worth it and am I sure this is what I want. If your answer is yes, then again, by all means, shoot your shot!

I know that a lot of women do not conform to the norm and would not wait around for any man to ask them out while for some, it just isn’t their style, which is why I have come up with these considerations. I may have also missed out other on other possible scenarios that could play out, so let us know other things women must consider before they shoot their shots in the comment section below.

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