Why Lack Of Regular Sex Is Dangerous For Men

Posted on April 24 2018 , at 12:47 pm
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Sex is one of the essential needs of human beings, their call of nature. The sexual instinct is one of the strongest, and we must reckon with it. By the way, the popular belief that the need for sexual relations in men is higher than in women is groundless. It is caused by religious, cultural, and historical views on the role of women, rather than knowing their physiology. For maintaining psychological and physical health both men and women need sex equally. Moreover, the frequency of sexual contact will depend on the individual’s needs and temperament. At the same time, women suffer from a lack of sex, if they have to spend much energy on motherhood: delivering and breeding children.


Sexual abstinence has a negative influence on men’s health. Long sexual abstinence can cause such disorders as: prostatitis which is swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland, situated directly below the bladder in men. The prostate gland produces fluid (semen) that nourishes and transports sperm. Prostatitis often causes painful or difficult urination, erectile dysfunction, reduced sexual desires, premature ejaculation, and others.

The older a man is, the more difficult it is to restore his sexual function after a long period of self-denial. Lack of sex is the cause of hormonal changes in the man’s body, which, in turn, often leads to body weight gain, problems with the skin, psychological discomfort such as hallucination, anger management problem, and anxiety disorder. A lack of a regular, sex life has a negative impact on the men’s mentality. A man becomes uninterested and inactive; he loses interest in life. Men suffering from a lack of sex often get depressed. Occasionally, a lack of satisfactory sexual relations with a woman can even cause a change of sexual orientation in men.

Depression in men will often express itself as feelings of low-esteem, anxiety and guilt. There is still a lot we just do not know about exactly how depression affects the brain. However, researchers have learned that the chemical changes which take place when someone has this condition can lead to an increase in emotional withdrawal and low energy levels so that activities like sex, which require a connection to your partner as well as physical energy to perform, can become a challenge. This can be hurtful to the person’s partner and make them feel unwanted or unloved, putting a strain on the relationship that can be difficult to deal with.

Depression is not a choice that people make and it is usually not a problem that goes away by itself. If you have not yet been diagnosed, talk to your doctor about the symptoms you are having and get started on a plan of care that involves the combination of medications, therapy and lifestyle changes that are right for you.
If you are already being treated for depression and suspect that your anti-depressants might be putting an end to your sex life, find out if you can switch medications. While it might take a little time to take effect, there are some drugs which do not seem to affect one’s libido.

Probably the most crucial advice for men who are trying to reconnect with their partner sexually is to open up and communicate with your partner. This can be more difficult for men to do in general but is even more of a challenge when it comes to talking about intimate issues like sexuality, desire, and arousal.

However, being honest about how you are feeling and letting your partner know that it is the depression that is a problem and not a loss of interest or a loss of love can be an incredibly powerful way to overcome these challenges.Again, get support from your loved one at a time when you need it the most.In addition, partners can be more understanding and supportive if they understand more about what is going on otherwise, it is easy to interpret a low mood or lack of responsiveness as being hostile or unloving.

In short, depression is a painful condition with a whole lot of symptoms that go far beyond just feelings of sadness or being blue. Moreover, when depression begins to affect a person’s sexuality, this, in turn, can lead to a strain on intimate partner relationships. However, while there are no quick solutions to this problem, getting a treatment program that is tailored to someone’s individual needs as well as regular exercising should help. Moreover, spending time with a partner to engage in more foreplay and just opening up and talking about the problem can all help to reignite the sexual spark in a relationship and hopefully make the battle against depression that much easier.

The most frequent reason for sexual abstinence in young men is a lack of healthy, permanent relations with a woman. At the same time, young men are more inclined to have uncontrolled sexual behaviour, a change of sexual partners, and sexual experiments. Therefore, for a young man, it is a norm. However, as a man grows older, regularity and stability in his sexual life become more important than a young man who is experimenting with different sexual partners. In adult men having a permanent partner, the reasons for sexual abstinence can be the following:

• Low libido. If the sex drive is getting worse and worse; if you don’t want sex at all, and if you often feel depressed, check your testosterone level because it can be the reason.

• Lack of mutual understanding in a couple, problems in personal relations, lack of adequate and sexual stimulation.
• Problems with potency. Erectile dysfunction is a widespread, sexual disorder in men living in the 21st century. Partially, it is associated with the lifestyle of a modern man. Fortunately, modern medicine has effective and progressive solutions to this delicate issue.

Unfortunately, some men still believe that there is no sex life after 40 (45, 50) years. At this age, many of them start experiencing their first problems with potency and libido. Of course, an erection at 40 is reached and maintained not as quickly as in 20-year-olds.

Moreover, just one thought of sex or a visual image of a naked, female body is not enough for sexual arousal. However, it does not mean that it is time to forget about sex. Not at all! Live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food, do some physical exercise, and you will see that your sexual reserves are almost unlimited. One more method of boosting men’s sexual power is Viagra which is an effective drug for a new generation. It is absolutely safe for men of any age, and it is a progressive solution for intimate problems.

Frequent ejaculation lowers your prostate cancer risk, according to a study from the Boston University of Public Health. Researchers surveyed nearly 32,000 men about their ejaculation frequency and followed them up for 18 years. They found that men ages 20 to 29 were 19 percent less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer if they ejaculated 21 times or more each month compared to guys who did not ejaculate as often.

The benefit was even greater for older men because men between 40 to 49 years of age and who met the same ejaculation standards saw a 22 percent reduction in their prostate cancer risk. While more research needs to be done to confirm the findings, the study authors believe that frequent ejaculation may play a part in clearing out any cancer-causing infections that could develop within your prostate. Moreover, do notworry if 21 seems like a big number to live up to because the more you masturbate, the lower your prostate cancer risk too, the study found. So,you can supplement your sex with solo sessions.

For couples who are struggling to overcome the barrier that depression has placed on their sex lives. It is important that couples engage in more foreplay and other physical expressions of intimacy such as hand holding, caressing, massaging each other before engaging in intercourse itself. Depression tends to slow down all responses, so taking this extra time to achieve arousal can help enhance the pleasure for both partners. It is highly recommended if needed, the use of lubricants and even erotica such as sexy lingerie or sexy movies to help spark the mood.

If your partner and you have very different temperaments, or if you fail to understand each other again and again, perhaps it is time to consult a specialist. Psychotherapy combined with good rest and openness towards each other can help to resolve the problem.

As you can see, to improve the quality of one’s sexual life, you do not need much. Regularity, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive attitude about life will make your sexual life stable. It is highly important for couples to sleep together in the same room regardless of their differences instead of a separate room. The intimacy tends to be resolve while sleeping together instead of sleeping apart which eventually will lead and promote a positive sexual desire.

No one is too old to have sex. So, therefore, you should not cheat yourself out of life. For women over 50 years, do not sell yourself short and have the mindset of “I’m too old” to be chasing after sex especially if you are married. If you do not satisfy your husband sexual desires he will definitely look someone else! Support your husband sexuality and never complain that he demands sex too often or too much; you both need sex to make your relationship last long and the benefit for both of you are rewarding.

I will advise the women in their 50s not to become a grumpy old grandmother. You must remember that your husband is still a big baby and he too needs nurturing and you must and should make yourself available to him because it is him you met first before the children and the grandchildren. Therefore, take good care of his sexual needs. Until then…Take Care of Yourself and Each Other

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